Giant Night, Evocative Fright


Tonight as we celebrate good over evil,

and Diwali’ lamps light up the world;

Cast your vote for an election still-

Scare away on Halloween, bad omens hurled.


Common to dominant faiths, is a six pointed star,

a flood, and respect for humans all.

Vow and commit that neither we place walls on borders far-

Nor minds, faiths, and paradise; be sectioned by any Wall.


Jews and such were given hell on earth, Darwin-Hitler emphasize appearance,

For they had faith, albeit different, a divided heaven.

Who are we, mere earthlings, to assign such consequence?

Who made it a numbers game? A shame, those intelligence shaven!


Must we debate between Gehenna(om)* and Jannat^?

Embellished notions, resting places of life’s consequence.

When no religion originally, defined another wrong-

Then empathize ye believers! Compete doing good with tolerance.


Secure religion, defines not a social reject,

heretic, kafir, or gaddaar; let’s introspect.

Started as a social organize, sans violence or bribe.

Through this chaos, evolve! Better the human tribe.


The same clowns mirror life, evokes fear, and laughter.

Be neither animal-like, nor drown in euphemistic jargon.

In a bubble of ignorance, do you wish to live ever-after?

Reject uncivil, territorial, imperialistic madness! Gift simply, your pardon.




‘Diwali: Indian festival that celebrates victory of good over evil

*Gehenna(om): hell, jahannum.

^Jannat: paradise


Daily Prompt: Smoke




The azure mountains had been calling for a while now. But today was extra-ordinary. The sun peaked from behind, casting an orange glow over the snow, expressions changing with the shadows and moods of the clouds.

Hypnotized with the magical realm and sudden calm of the moment, I whispered, “Okay, I’ll come tomorrow!” The glowing peak smiled evermore, gorgeous in all its splendor, blushing a hint of scarlett, with its invitation being finally accepted.

I packed a few things along with my usual gift. Once a year, I would undertake the arduous climb to meet  Vani, who guarded the mountain with her life. She lived alone, in a cave, with her five goats. I brought back produce she had made and bartered them well, to meet all her basic needs.

Packed and ready, I went to bed early, for tomorrow was to be a long day. The sapling of a gift sat wrapped in burlap, resting its roots impatiently in cool, freshly dug up earth. It had heard of the trek tomorrow and spread its joy in anticipation of the onward journey, smelling heavenly.

Since it was very windy at 8,000 feet, I would plant a tree enroute, below the snow-line every year, to break the force of the spiteful thrashing, wintry winds. Today my wistful older trees whistled, and spoke to me in a language only a mother can understand. The pine coney air enveloped me pleasantly, welcoming as if, a family member back home.

Past the tree line, now cold, tired, and hungry; I saw smoke playing hide and seek with the clouds, peeking past the hairpin bend. A flash of images went through my senses bringing forth memories of Vani’s home, from visits before. Her sounds, flavours, and squishy mother-like hugs loaded with warmth came back to me, and I stopped eyes closed, to enjoy the moment.

I looked around, “Where did she go?”

“Vani! VANI!” I hugged myself tighter, surprised, on realizing the good feeling that came from the imagery, was just as always the special warm dreamy anticipation one gets, closer to home.

The inviting smoke teased and wafted around and then suddenly formed words to give a message. A strange fear gripped me as I read, “Go where the earth, fire, metal, wood, and water meet. I will meet you there.”

This was very strange. Panicking, I ran up to the cave, screaming, expecting the worst for Vani. The bells at the entrance didn’t make the usual friendly sound as I ducked to enter the now dark, sinister, and cold cave. I looked around, spinning, searching furtively, “Vani! Where are… What’s going on?”

“The smoky message!” I searched high and low, “Its gone, too!” I wailed. Dumping the backpack and the nervous sapling, I ran to find her. I ran after her mountain goats, unsure-footed, now calling, now grabbing rocks and goat-tails, towards the waterfall.

Mumbling the message repeatedly to myself,  “Where earth, fire, wood, steel, and water meet!”

“Where earth, fire, wood, steel, and water meet?” I froze and looked at the water fall. A few hundred feet from me. But not a soul in sight.

Vani was definitely gone.

“Earth, water, okay.  Where is wood … And fire? Ummm … Metal.” My foot slipped and I rolled and landed with a clink and a thud in a pile of black soot. Laying down breathless, I stared at the skies. I stared at my black hands, soot.

“Fire?”I asked Billy the goat.

“What clinked?” I asked myself and searched the ground beneath my feet. I found her only knife, dented. “Metal!” I rejoiced.

And then I saw from that point, facing the waterfall, a wooden box, on a rock waiting. Watching.  I ran and stumbled towards it. The sunset made the spot look like its on fire.

“Fire!” I said happily.

I sat down opened the box. “Oh, Vani!” A sudden whoosh went through me and took residence. I wasn’t alone anymore.

I saw my reflection in her tiny gold bejeweled mirror.


*Sound, Voice.

picture credit: free downloadable image from Internet.

Daily Prompt: Banned

a href=””>Banned

OMG! Mystery. Surprise. Fear.

Makes banned things and life, so dear.

More significant, more need to find out why,

Curiosity becomes a reason to die.

Don’t is to teenage cult,

As banned is to the adult.

Suddenly the banned is up in demand-

a sales gimmick, commission to remand.

Movie, alchohol, cigarette, drug, or book-

Damned-Banned invites: “Hey! Take a look.”


Daily prompt@Wordpress)

Cell to birth, growing is work of change;

Think, believe, and act within range.

Experience, evolve, and express your best

till one day the body demands complete rest.

Mind and Body interact in silence,

Caterpillar-like in unpredictable suspense.

Images, Ideas, and visions spin,

a meditative pupa hangs there-in.

A stimulus, a charge, metamorphosize

to a sudden turn, emergence, and flutter-flies.

Through the unknown, a grand transformation,

A courage filled flight across, migration.

Daily Prompt: Tiny

via Daily Prompt: Tiny


Tiny fingers, holding out.

Tiny feet, pattering about.

Tiny giggles, tinkling sound.

Tiny hopes, whisper around.

Tiny people, giant hearts.

Tiny ladybugs, inspire science, arts.

Tiny triangles, build bridges strong.

Tiny joys, make community throng.

Tiny birds, humming tunes.

Tiny sand, sweeping dunes.

Tiny treasures, best ones found!

Tiny Words, Press pages abound;)


Thank you, WordPress!

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Me and my BIG Mouth

A Byte of History

What kind of animal had big mouths*? Scroll down for answer.

“Aye-pod, say AAAH,” said Plover bird, ready to pick away at my teeth. Like all hatchlings, I lived in a pod. I often said, “Aye,” being an agreeable chap. That’s how I got my name, Aye-pod, a name that stuck. We had to live together in a pod because there was danger from our own adult males. As I basked in the warm summer sun, I realized I had been on my own for two years now. Since me and my friends were two years of age, we had been hunting and defending ourselves. Longingly, I thought about the rides in mama’s mouth. She even let us have piggy-back rides. It was so cool!
Shifting a little, I felt better when Plover bird got off my gums and went to my back for finding her fill of those irritating bugs. I’d make a juicy meal of her but I needed her help to stay clean and itch-free. Besides, I was full from my meal.
I watched a monitor lizard sneak past, dig into a neighbors’ nest. The pesky thief took away half the eggs! I have even seen some humans taking eggs. Do they think we are chicken! They should know better.
Our average age is the same as theirs and at times, I can outrun them in a race. Intelligence-wise, they will find out we are smarter than they give us credit for. Also, my mother told me that we are one of the rare survivors from the dinosaur days. I sometimes wish for the Egyptian days of croc-worship. I heard it was nice to be fed meat, cakes, milk, and honey. Our ancestors sure, had a jolly good time!


Babies Galore

I heard from my neighbor’s nest, babies calling their mother for help. They needed help to get out of the eggs. They grunted, yelped, knocked on the shell with their egg-tooth; anything to get their mama’s attention. Their mother came. She noticed the Red-Bellies were hatching too. “Lazy bums!” she said, “They can’t even make their own nest and are always in the way.” She protected them, regardless.
She picked up one egg, gently rolled it back and forth against the roof of her mouth. In twenty minutes, her baby broke free from the egg. “Bang on the fiftieth day!” she said with pride. She looked at the other eggs for they may take another three to four weeks. She was delighted to see some of hers, working away with their egg-tooth steadily on their own, resting in between.
I remembered how close my mother had been when I needed help as a one year old during an attack from predators. In face of danger, I used my most famous crocodile scream, “Mommie, help me!” It sounded more like grunt, roar, hrrumph! Those were the juvenile days. At age four, we started watching over other young ones to help.
Their mother carried the hatchlings in her mouth, the hatchlings scampering in haste not to miss the mama bus-ride. It tickled me to see them fall out, traveling unsteadily!
We crocodiles used our mouths for many other cool functions like cooling mouth, mating call, and catching prey in a dead-lock no-escape grip. Our mouth is slow to open but has a fast powerful snap-shut mechanism.


Hunting, Temperature, and Dental Care


We have to work hard at our food: locate, grab, swing to tear, and gulp. Come hunting someday with me, but don’t get too close. My teeth are sharp, replaceable with multiple sets of extra teeth. You should have seen me catch an elephant by it’s trunk. It was fun until he gave me a nasty kick!
My favorite hunt so far has been a grown zebra. It was hard work to grab it and pull it down into the water to drown it. But the first gulp down made all the hard work worth it. Delicious meal! Many of my friends enjoyed that awesome party.
Going under water like a submarine, I’m in a ‘flap’ mode. It’s actually really N.E.E.T.! I can shut flaps on my Nostrils, Eyes, Ears, and Throat to dive or stay underwater even up to an hour! Bet you can’t do that. My tail helps me propel forward, my feet helping for slowing and turning functions. Did you know I can even see through my eye flaps under water?
Being cold-blooded makes me sun-activated. Solar panels would really help in night time functions. Then I could be a Super Croc! Meanwhile, the cold just makes me sluggish, takes away my appetite, and digestive powers. My crested scutes actually absorb heat, but more like your air-conditioning to stabilize temperature.
A scorching hot week went by. I needed water to cool off, so I glided into our pond. From the corner of my eye, I saw sudden movement. I saw a herd of water buffalos moving towards the water for a drink. Being an ambush predator, I preferred to lay submerged and sit still … till the right moment.
NOW! I lunged at the shocked buffoon and went into a death roll, my most deadly attack style. I grabbed onto the animal and started rolling on full power. Suddenly the animal went limp in my grip, offering no resistance at all. I hungrily ripped off it’s leg and swallowed it whole. I left the rest for my friends to share.
I was now tired, Kapoot!^ I found some rocks, swallowed them whole, and lay down to bask with my mouth open, eyes closing in gentle happiness.
Where is Plover today? “Ploverrr!” I call out. I am so badly in need of a dental clean up after my meal. Sometimes I wonder, is she really selfless in helping me or just plain greedy and hungry. At least, her services are free.



To be continued…

P.S. If your child likes the story so far, please click like, comment, or contact me and I will post the rest of the story. Thank you for reading to your child!


The big guy is a Crocodile, the giant friend with a big-old smile.
Kapoot^ : worn out, drained of strength.


1. Madras Crocodile Bank Trust (website), India.
2.The encyclopedia of reptiles and amphibians. Editors: Dr. Tim Halliday and Dr. Kraig Adler. Facts on File Inc. Equinox (Oxford) Ltd. 1986.


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Stories and (Hi)stories: Craft or Crafty?

Picture of a child’s graffiti on a wall in Cancun.* 

Every culture, it’s mythology, countries and their people, evolved over time and contributed to the growth of our civilizations, irrespective of what recorded (hi)stories tell us. Moreover, people moved from one place to another, changing languages and stories, in tune with their developing perspectives. The result is a multitude of books, records, and evidence to showcase our talents.

A sad trend that has been noticed in the last half of a century that I’ve been (t)reading this planet, these books are tending to focus on pumping up individual countries’ strengths and unfortunately, hide their weaknesses.

For competitive reasons, many tend to show their own accomplishments alone, in a powerful light. Our definitions of which, have evolved from hunting for food to fighting for land, to putting our name on a document, book, or a machine patent. And as of the twentieth century, for some reason, we are happy to measure the level of accomplishment in terms of currency and power.

The stories we tell our children or have them read in schools are either out of habit, ignorance, books, or sometimes, a culture emphasizing righteousness. With all this global publishing and copyrighting, we have managed to bring stories from all parts of the world to paper. Interesting to note that our names, through research or even payment, are on a book, machine, a design, wall, tree, or even the stars we sing to our children about!

Take a peek into what we are leaving behind for our next generations.*

Sometimes, I wonder, is it not possible in our modern times, to give facts to the next generation of global minds? They might develop a stronger, definitely a more practical world view of peaceful co-existence, through correct information, or, as they say, (hi)stories.

Facts about history, wars, boundaries, leaders, and other cultures need to be presented straight and simple. Dumbing down or heightening the significance of information, causes to disappoint children, when they find out otherwise. The best stories or art, came from people living simple, visible lives. And it’s relevance is evident through the exploring of why certain locations are promoted for travel and the choice of activities, money is spent on. If done right on home ground, people don’t have to go that far in search of simply-city.

Encouraging, but at the same time strange, it is to see all this purposeful educating. Strange because, along with our physical world getting perceptively smaller, so is our worldview.



*Please contact for downloading pictures.