Giant Night, Evocative Fright


Tonight as we celebrate good over evil,

and Diwali’ lamps light up the world;

Cast your vote for an election still-

Scare away on Halloween, bad omens hurled.


Common to dominant faiths, is a six pointed star,

a flood, and respect for humans all.

Vow and commit that neither we place walls on borders far-

Nor minds, faiths, and paradise; be sectioned by any Wall.


Jews and such were given hell on earth, Darwin-Hitler emphasize appearance,

For they had faith, albeit different, a divided heaven.

Who are we, mere earthlings, to assign such consequence?

Who made it a numbers game? A shame, those intelligence shaven!


Must we debate between Gehenna(om)* and Jannat^?

Embellished notions, resting places of life’s consequence.

When no religion originally, defined another wrong-

Then empathize ye believers! Compete doing good with tolerance.


Secure religion, defines not a social reject,

heretic, kafir, or gaddaar; let’s introspect.

Started as a social organize, sans violence or bribe.

Through this chaos, evolve! Better the human tribe.


The same clowns mirror life, evokes fear, and laughter.

Be neither animal-like, nor drown in euphemistic jargon.

In a bubble of ignorance, do you wish to live ever-after?

Reject uncivil, territorial, imperialistic madness! Gift simply, your pardon.




‘Diwali: Indian festival that celebrates victory of good over evil

*Gehenna(om): hell, jahannum.

^Jannat: paradise


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