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Thanksgiving is a perfect time for reconsideration on the pipeline issue. There needs to be a significant pause here because the Original Natives have continued to feel alienated. And there has to be a strong basis for such multi- generational continuity.


Enough academic vigor and research exists on the word alienation. Enough social aggression, marginalization, and /or isolation exists to effectively predict what the future can unfold, usually only violence and killing fields. But this peaceful protest by the Original Natives, is awesome, something to be grateful for.

Worlds best Universities on homeground: I appeal to you. Please use the existing research vs. starting new research, to negotiate and produce results ASAP. Enough socio-politico-psychological material lies in printed and digital media, to answer any questions, that may come up in relevant conversations, with authorities, academia, business, or leadership of relevant levels and groups.

Pipeline Protest
JR American Horse, left, raises leading a march to the Dakota Access Pipeline site in southern Morton County North Dakota. Several hundred protesters marched about a mile up Hwy 1806, Friday Sept. 9, 2016, from the protest camp to the area of the pipeline site where some archeological artifacts have been discovered. (Will Kincaid/The Bismarck Tribune via AP)

I vigorously wish for all parties to be enabled in reaching an amicable, peaceful, or legal solution through a healthy open discussion, especially since language isn’t a barrier anymore!

To pause the violence during this winter and reflect on various possibilities, before continuing on the Pipeline project, hopefully with a mindful ‘detour,’ would be a wonderful way to give a respectful tribute to all those graceful hosts like Pocahontas, who hospitably helped the pilgrims settle onto a new land, they wanted to call Home.

Thank you for your time and rational thought towards a peace-making effort. We have the knowledge, the inclination, and the techniques to solve this problem. All we need now is, motivation and commitment!


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I feel Pungent


via Daily Prompt: Pungent

Educated and Civilized,

Philanthropic and ‘Realized.’

Space, jet-set, book-to-travel soon,

displaying etiquette with fork and spoon.

I teach and follow many rules,

Multi-cultural and of diverse thought schools.

I recognize the right from wrongs,

read the world news, and sing songs.

I don’t do much make-up though,

or make things look good so.

I really don’t know what to do,

about the Dakota pipeline ado.

Original Natives who protect their Faith,

Nature’s treasures, Future of Earth.

To ignore their suffering, not-so isolated a cause,

I feel so pungent, in a respectful pause.




P. S. In the old days, even Warring Giants, stopped the fighting to cope with winter.

Could someone open up a simple discussion (vs. criminalizing through police and savage snarling dogs)? Please find a humane solution outside of the Reservation – Gambling packages? Thank you.


Pic credits: free downloads from Internet.



The time taken to understand the difference between what books say, people say, and what I say about me, is Self Discovery.

What I say about me is again in turn, judged, but that’s when we can move on effortlessly, joyously.

Being liminal at this point, is a conscious decision, and eventually an amusement because the parameters for self inquiry have changed. That is, I vs. I = Pure Joy.

I do hope I remain sane enough to stay in alert inquiry about this self, here-on.

I hope I can respectfully BE with others, whoever they are/ choose to be at that point in time.

I am seeing every success or failure as intentional opportunities for considering/taking alternative paths, each one has become the road less taken.

There-in lies adventure and joy!

Daily Prompt: Chaotic


via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Chaotic Feast-giving!


Feast! The word itself conjures up images of XL servings of fancy dishes made with corn, cranberries, turkey, breads, and multiple appetizing snacks as well as desserts.

During decades of celebrating thanksgiving, I often wondered about the purpose of the holiday and the feasting spirit. Somehow for me, there was a discord in the imageries produced.

Pilgrims. Migration. Hardship. Struggle. Growing food. Sharing the produced. Community and/or family.


Modern celebrations just do the last two things. And as everything else is true with consumerism, it gets excessive.

Lucky in being cross-cultural, I learned from festivals in India, too. Most of which are related with food and fasting. I honestly haven’t been good about fasting as such, but over the years, I have had relative success with simplifying life and the meals.


Discussing the differences between festivals, we decided to remove the ‘E’ from the thanksgiving Feast! (My 13 year olds’ idea!). So for us it is now about eating with a discipline😉 and an emphasis on giving to those in need. In addition, as a first attempt, we went camping to re-live the experience of our fore-fathers and mothers. (That is completely another story!)

In way of a dietary gam, we hope to take some pounds off the weighty issue of National Obesity!


Picture credits: free downloadable images from the Internet.

Photo Challenge: Magic


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When I close my eyes and think of Magic … These are varied images that flashed across my mind. Maybe I’m too slow and never have a camera ready to photograph magical moments! They happen so fast…Only the final product pictures are added here. Wish I could make them last longer for a few Kodak moments😉Here we go…


When you pick a piece of dusty wood,
On an inkling that suspense reveals as mystery should;
You sand and varnish, repeatedly good-
Suddenly you stop, you know this table is “The best I ever could!”


When you write an unusual format of a book,
and forever edit, future on unsure hold.
One day you reach the last page of a published book,
Unusual format striking a chord. Rethink anew, step now bold.


When you cross a street in the nick of time,
Two strangers make the same judgement of distance and time,
Your eyes meet, smiles sync like fools,
and you both know it was really cool.


While teaching a child,
Whose enthusiasm so mild.
You try to explain in different ways,
A sudden “I get it!”
makes you lightly sway.



In a time of fading respect grand,
A stranger or elder passes you by;
Your eyes greet, lend a simple hand,
A glowing smile, connects all, on the fly.


When you dance the dandiyaˆ,
Crafted your own designed sticks,
Swaying among friends and swirling colors,
rhythm of the dhol* echoing your clicks.



^Dandiya: Gujarati dance with a pair of sticks, swirling skirts,

energizing music, and circle of friends in sync.

*Dhol: Large indian drum, beaten on both sides.

Picture credit: Only dandiya dance images are from internet.

🙊 Filthy💲♥️💲


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To be condescending,

to be unjustifiably demanding,

to dis-respect someone,

to be disdainful,

to hurt-

And enjoy it,

or, think it funny,

An Utterly filthy mind.

I would never compete, compare, or consider-

To stoop so low,

to such a persons level.



I have meet poor people with richer minds,

Happier hearts!


Daily Prompt: Tart


via Daily Prompt: Tart

The King of Tart,                                  He changed some hearts.
All on an Election day.

The Naive of Hearts,                           Challenged the tarts,                            And swept them euphemistically away.



The Tweeter King,
He kiss’d many maids,
Which flexed the queen’s full score.


He shooshed those maids,                        Yakkity yakked s’more
And sweeped them under the door.


The queen of hearts, fraught back the tarts,                                               She tried so hard, fried the bard,                                                And vowed she’d email no more.


But the King of Infamous tarts, spewed out s’more,                          And beat the hopefull’s sore!

What to do, ado to do?                                A do or not to do,                             again da big quest-on!

The Lofty Pyramid


The current sentiment favors change, but it appears to be clinging to desperate hope. The fear arises from desperation for an urgency of expectant change. For example, you are on a last warning to be late to work, and you get a series of family vacationers placing large orders in the drive-thru for your morning coffee. The urgency kicks in, desperation leads to frustration, displaced anger, you leave the line cussing, showing different ‘fingers’ (because the middle one is taped up to the ring finger, which got smashed when your fiance walked away from the wedding, after grabbing the gorgeous diamond ring off your finger), burning tyres as you quit the drive-thru, and face the firing squad at the doorstep of your workplace.

drive-thru-coffee-shop-image-70664178Who gets the credit: bad policies in place at work; inefficient fast food company; or, was it those cheery, wide-eyed with happiness, large-order-placing, merry vacationers? Maybe it was the amount of time it took you to find the correct fing finger?

A little honest introspection later, the bulb flickers, “Oh, never mind. Now I remember what happened. I’m going to smash that stoopid alarm-clock, that didnt wake me up, so I missed my breakfast and morning COFFEEEEE!”


Society goes through changes just like us, periodically, by intent or design. In the middle of chaos, it is usually Nature’s design, or if you will, the butterfly-effect that takes over. Therefore, suddenly things seem to be going in a direction thats against comprehension, and definitely against logical expectations. But, predictable, if prophetic announcements or tweets are to be believed.

The crisis isn’t ISIS anymore. On home ground, what lead to the present elections and rising fear index? It surely didn’t happen in a day. Euphemism is suddenly out of style, suppressing feelings is done with, all hopes are pinned onto one social event, read elections, as if that is the be all and end all of all social problems. Who is to blame? The alarm clock or the drive-thru or the boss at work?

Stay tuned. The butterfly effect is happening. There is no one to blame. Handled with calm, and knowing that the lofty pyramid pervades all social systems and organisations, will help in a smoother transition. The social pyramid will emerge regardless of all who are deported, hated, or retained with love or hope.

Ultimately every social group, big or small, like-minded or diverse, colored or not, has it’s society constantly changing. It shifts, shuffles, survives upheavals, spits out crime or negative elements, brings forth strong leaders, averages life-styles and quality of life, produces the clowns and poor, as also the special people who create or lead.