Click Copy Meow


Praying with love for the modern puzzle of Copycats!

“I don’t want to think what is right,

It totally stinks, don’t want to write;

I’m moving thumbs, rest is too hard,”

“One page or two?” asks the modern Bard.


Walls are decorated with facts pellmell,

I find my answer and bubble well.

I’m a spider, idea-fishing the inter-web

Download the file or the vector jeb.


Click. Send to printer, copier, laser.

Work is easy  n done, ready for the Grader!

“I’m playing on apps and awesome games,

no time  here for discussions lame.”



“Dont bother me, my friend needs help,

Have to FaceTime and listening to YouTube on Yelp.”

What about homework and project you say?

“Oh Hey! Uncle Google saves the day!”


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