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Daily Prompt: Bludgeon


“No more,” I said,

“This is it!”

I picked up a sheet of paper,

wrote on it, my story

of a fear that took over me,

I froze, as I thought of just the word.

And another that dared

to be a brain-block-bother.

“Oh, that one!”I groaned.

“Bully,” I cursed the fear,

“I will not have you,

you free loader…

the rent is past due.”

A third piped in,

that laughed –

reminded me it’s there,

in the moonlit shadows.

“Fear ME!” It challenged.

“Nah! You are habit, a comforting friend.

Sometimes you motivate,

Even inspire!

One day you’ll save my life,

I know.”

I crushed the papers together,

Slow, hesitating farewell-

made a ball,

squished my thoughts

into each squeeze,

compacting tight,


determined that it was never

to bother me again.

Raising the bludgeon

on a back swing,

took aim,

releasing the hold I had

on the ball –

aiming it high,

ready to let go.

And then just that.

I hit it with all I got,

in its face, far.

Far from the madding crowds!

NEVER to want it in my dreams,

or in my thoughtsy-streams;

that flowed past my favorite Memories,

ever again.

A direct hit! A score!

out the foyer and then the door!


“Free for evermore!”

Even death. For I know,

“From dust, to dust returneth.”

Every belief system doth say-

Soil or Star: I was and will be,

No attachment to systems of thoughts,

and people therefore,

I dance upon this stage of life,

and will exit when it’s time,


Boundary free.

Politics free.

Culture free.

Color free.

Form free.

Fear free.

Soul free!



An exploration into perspectives that make day to day life sane, insane, unique, or fun.

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