Daily Prompt: Bludgeon


“No more,” I said,

“This is it!”

I picked up a sheet of paper,

wrote on it, my story

of a fear that took over me,

I froze, as I thought of just the word.

And another that dared

to be a brain-block-bother.

“Oh, that one!”I groaned.

“Bully,” I cursed the fear,

“I will not have you,

you free loader…

the rent is past due.”

A third piped in,

that laughed –

reminded me it’s there,

in the moonlit shadows.

“Fear ME!” It challenged.

“Nah! You are habit, a comforting friend.

Sometimes you motivate,

Even inspire!

One day you’ll save my life,

I know.”

I crushed the papers together,

Slow, hesitating farewell-

made a ball,

squished my thoughts

into each squeeze,

compacting tight,


determined that it was never

to bother me again.

Raising the bludgeon

on a back swing,

took aim,

releasing the hold I had

on the ball –

aiming it high,

ready to let go.

And then just that.

I hit it with all I got,

in its face, far.

Far from the madding crowds!

NEVER to want it in my dreams,

or in my thoughtsy-streams;

that flowed past my favorite Memories,

ever again.

A direct hit! A score!

out the foyer and then the door!


“Free for evermore!”

Even death. For I know,

“From dust, to dust returneth.”

Every belief system doth say-

Soil or Star: I was and will be,

No attachment to systems of thoughts,

and people therefore,

I dance upon this stage of life,

and will exit when it’s time,


Boundary free.

Politics free.

Culture free.

Color free.

Form free.

Fear free.

Soul free!


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