Daily Prompt: Relish


Relish. Mmmm!

The word itself conjures up

jiving knives, vibrant colors,

amazing flavors, heavenly aromas…

favorite dishes, loving mamas.



Relish. Wow moments.

A rainbow inspiring hopes

skiing down twisty slopes;

Natures’ glamorous moods,

balancing act, magic in the woods!



Relish. Amazing places.

Himalayas, hues of blue and white.

Rivers, meandering through love and spite.

Forts and palaces, tale telling kinds.

Averaging people, in their search and finds.



Relish. Life and all it offers-

The good, the bad, the ugly;

organized and pagali!*

Is it about a joy of filling coffers,

Or, filling coffers with joy, memories happiers?




*Pagali (as in pugly): crazy, lunatic.

Picture: Please ask permission to use.


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