Or Land, Oh!


This prompt just made me laugh! If you are the parent of a teen, you know what I mean😉

“Son, what would you like to do today, movie or Main Event?”


Give a choice, and you are stuck in Or Land. Very annoying at times, but clever.


Clinton or Trump? After being in Or Land for a year or so, the people have spoken.


The new Or is, “To Immigrate or Not, that is the Question?” For some it is: “Immigrate out of America?” OR For others: “Immigrate into America?”

Besides, the jokes about the walls on the Mexican border (influx) or the Canadian border (outflux!), or as my cousin declared, “…the last person leaving America, turn out the lights,” most of us adults are going to choose, “Or.”

And, all will be well, around Or Land Oh😉

Picture credits: downloadable free from the Internet.


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