The Lofty Pyramid


The current sentiment favors change, but it appears to be clinging to desperate hope. The fear arises from desperation for an urgency of expectant change. For example, you are on a last warning to be late to work, and you get a series of family vacationers placing large orders in the drive-thru for your morning coffee. The urgency kicks in, desperation leads to frustration, displaced anger, you leave the line cussing, showing different ‘fingers’ (because the middle one is taped up to the ring finger, which got smashed when your fiance walked away from the wedding, after grabbing the gorgeous diamond ring off your finger), burning tyres as you quit the drive-thru, and face the firing squad at the doorstep of your workplace.

drive-thru-coffee-shop-image-70664178Who gets the credit: bad policies in place at work; inefficient fast food company; or, was it those cheery, wide-eyed with happiness, large-order-placing, merry vacationers? Maybe it was the amount of time it took you to find the correct fing finger?

A little honest introspection later, the bulb flickers, “Oh, never mind. Now I remember what happened. I’m going to smash that stoopid alarm-clock, that didnt wake me up, so I missed my breakfast and morning COFFEEEEE!”


Society goes through changes just like us, periodically, by intent or design. In the middle of chaos, it is usually Nature’s design, or if you will, the butterfly-effect that takes over. Therefore, suddenly things seem to be going in a direction thats against comprehension, and definitely against logical expectations. But, predictable, if prophetic announcements or tweets are to be believed.

The crisis isn’t ISIS anymore. On home ground, what lead to the present elections and rising fear index? It surely didn’t happen in a day. Euphemism is suddenly out of style, suppressing feelings is done with, all hopes are pinned onto one social event, read elections, as if that is the be all and end all of all social problems. Who is to blame? The alarm clock or the drive-thru or the boss at work?

Stay tuned. The butterfly effect is happening. There is no one to blame. Handled with calm, and knowing that the lofty pyramid pervades all social systems and organisations, will help in a smoother transition. The social pyramid will emerge regardless of all who are deported, hated, or retained with love or hope.

Ultimately every social group, big or small, like-minded or diverse, colored or not, has it’s society constantly changing. It shifts, shuffles, survives upheavals, spits out crime or negative elements, brings forth strong leaders, averages life-styles and quality of life, produces the clowns and poor, as also the special people who create or lead.


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