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Daily Prompt: Tart


via Daily Prompt: Tart


The King of Tart,

He changed some hearts.

All on an Election day.
The Naive of Hearts,

Challenged the tarts,

And swept them euphemistically away.


The Tweeter King,

He kiss’d many maids,

Which flexed the queen’s full score.


He shooshed those maids,

Yakkity yakked s’more

And swept them under the door.


The queen of hearts, fraught back the tarts,

She tried so hard, fried the bard,

And vowed she’d email no more.


But the King of Infamous tarts, spewed out s’more,

And beat the hopeful’s sore!

What to do, ado to do?

A do or not to do, again d’big quest-ion!



An exploration into perspectives that make day to day life sane, insane, unique, or fun.

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