Daily Prompt: Chaotic


via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Chaotic Feast-giving!


Feast! The word itself conjures up images of XL servings of fancy dishes made with corn, cranberries, turkey, breads, and multiple appetizing snacks as well as desserts.

During decades of celebrating thanksgiving, I often wondered about the purpose of the holiday and the feasting spirit. Somehow for me, there was a discord in the imageries produced.

Pilgrims. Migration. Hardship. Struggle. Growing food. Sharing the produced. Community and/or family.


Modern celebrations just do the last two things. And as everything else is true with consumerism, it gets excessive.

Lucky in being cross-cultural, I learned from festivals in India, too. Most of which are related with food and fasting. I honestly haven’t been good about fasting as such, but over the years, I have had relative success with simplifying life and the meals.


Discussing the differences between festivals, we decided to remove the ‘E’ from the thanksgiving Feast! (My 13 year olds’ idea!). So for us it is now about eating with a discipline😉 and an emphasis on giving to those in need. In addition, as a first attempt, we went camping to re-live the experience of our fore-fathers and mothers. (That is completely another story!)

In way of a dietary gam, we hope to take some pounds off the weighty issue of National Obesity!


Picture credits: free downloadable images from the Internet.


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