I feel Pungent


via Daily Prompt: Pungent

Educated and Civilized,

Philanthropic and ‘Realized.’

Space, jet-set, book-to-travel soon,

displaying etiquette with fork and spoon.

I teach and follow many rules,

Multi-cultural and of diverse thought schools.

I recognize the right from wrongs,

read the world news, and sing songs.

I don’t do much make-up though,

or make things look good so.

I really don’t know what to do,

about the Dakota pipeline ado.

Original Natives who protect their Faith,

Nature’s treasures, Future of Earth.

To ignore their suffering, not-so isolated a cause,

I feel so pungent, in a respectful pause.




P. S. In the old days, even Warring Giants, stopped the fighting to cope with winter.

Could someone open up a simple discussion (vs. criminalizing through police and savage snarling dogs)? Please find a humane solution outside of the Reservation – Gambling packages? Thank you.


Pic credits: free downloads from Internet.


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