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Thanksgiving is a perfect time for reconsideration on the pipeline issue. There needs to be a significant pause here because the Original Natives have continued to feel alienated. And there has to be a strong basis for such multi- generational continuity.


Enough academic vigor and research exists on the word alienation. Enough social aggression, marginalization, and /or isolation exists to effectively predict what the future can unfold, usually only violence and killing fields. But this peaceful protest by the Original Natives, is awesome, something to be grateful for.

Worlds best Universities on homeground: I appeal to you. Please use the existing research vs. starting new research, to negotiate and produce results ASAP. Enough socio-politico-psychological material lies in printed and digital media, to answer any questions, that may come up in relevant conversations, with authorities, academia, business, or leadership of relevant levels and groups.

Pipeline Protest
JR American Horse, left, raises leading a march to the Dakota Access Pipeline site in southern Morton County North Dakota. Several hundred protesters marched about a mile up Hwy 1806, Friday Sept. 9, 2016, from the protest camp to the area of the pipeline site where some archeological artifacts have been discovered. (Will Kincaid/The Bismarck Tribune via AP)

I vigorously wish for all parties to be enabled in reaching an amicable, peaceful, or legal solution through a healthy open discussion, especially since language isn’t a barrier anymore!

To pause the violence during this winter and reflect on various possibilities, before continuing on the Pipeline project, hopefully with a mindful ‘detour,’ would be a wonderful way to give a respectful tribute to all those graceful hosts like Pocahontas, who hospitably helped the pilgrims settle onto a new land, they wanted to call Home.

Thank you for your time and rational thought towards a peace-making effort. We have the knowledge, the inclination, and the techniques to solve this problem. All we need now is, motivation and commitment!


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