2017: Inspite of Trump, Russians, aliens, and other fears … Life will have its light and dark moments.


The dark cloud makes us see the beauty of the light that peeks through

The increasing expanse of the dark, revealed more contrast. The light pushes through with more intensity to make its presence known!

It will be a wonderful new year. We will make it so!

Happy New Year to All! May all your dreams come true




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Dial 1-800-Tragedy! Extn:MOPE

“Once upon a time, it was … The End!” 

All that the story read.

My joys, hopes, dreams, … Life.

The tragedies were them. Me, a tragedy.

The Queen on the couch,

m-oping the world to change;

Since I’d lost the letter ‘h’

in a scrabble game.

I’d put the hoping in a safety deposit box,

like a jewel which I may cash in an emergency.

Alas! the bank was looted and all was lost.

No exercise; though heart and mind wrestle,

Lost no calories, built castles in blues.

Gradually I became the couch. Couch, me.

A sulky potato, soft quite oft,

growing shoots of dejection.

The experts said, “You can’t do it yourself!

Come to me.” He made me dependent besides drugs,

on him. On HIM! Fake God with a degree was he?

I thought of the doctor, reliving numbers, visits.

I remembered the lines on what I didn’t do better.

Was I a kid who brought home a bad report card?

The visit. The talk. The prescription.

The payment installments. The exit. The drive home.

He said he’d make me feel better. But…

Small pills, big pills, colorful spills;

Known ills to un-pronounceable watchamacallills.

Picked up another job to pay bills.

Vegetate until you can your self resuscitate

Life back in. Dependency makes you give in.

Stress, anxiety are getting stronger than me-

They win! Why? Whyme?


After a whole night so moonless,

counting, re-counting sheep in distress;

It suddenly dawned. Lights on me.

I SOLed, Screamed Out Loud,

“No more! Go away! You installment keepers.”

I was emotionally sad, financially anxious, too.

I’d gone in with one problem, and emerged with two.

I LOLed, laughed out loud at myself!

There is no one to blame, what a shame!

I stepped out of the straight jacket-

bullet in the heart, pathetic miserable packet!

All that metal! Suffocating thoughts of stress.

Alchoholic cage, the whine and wine.

I was just the metal. Under fire. A test,

re-test stronger, by the heating degrees.

Hey, that felt Better! Surprising, realizing myself,

Maybe that’s the key: no blame, stop the game.

I discarded all those reasons,

that bothered me every season.

I see it now.

Flew out free! Only one job to me!

Less is more … time for Life.

Giving more … than

I know my best.

I trust myself to do even do better.

I’m going to do this to the last letter.

Counting not sheep, but possibilities.

I’m so thrilled at the victory over my thoughts,

I dance out. Celebrate sunshine with glee!

Others can pine, opine, wine, and whine.

Do what they must do to make them feel good.

To not need to pine, opine,

wine and whine-

I am the one to change,

to resolve, problem solve, rise,

myself !

“CUT!” said the Director, “Good take! It’s a wrap.”

“See you at the New Years Eve Dinner,” waved the Producer.

The film was to be shown at the the party,

in honor of self-assured Women, 2017,

Nurturing problem solvers,

yet Leaders of tomorrow-

For they know how to balance, like Nature;

manage meagre resources,

Peace and Power!


Warning: Content may be fictitious, but the research is symptomatic.

A Renewal!

Starry darkness brightens the moon and gently gives way,
To the sun’s rising embrace, Light-ly cycles the day.
Beckoning us, “Open the lidded mind and eye, ARISE!”
Ah! To drown in that early oxygen oceania,
A Renewal!

The day of our birth defining, the double-digit tenth,
Thirteenth, sixteenth, eighteenth, or twenty-first:
Manmade landmarks condition us for celebration.
Self-worth really emerges on First job, First paycheck;
A Renewal!

The earth’s residents make war and peace,
Animals, plants, insects- winsome lose some, too.
Wintered thought-full hibernation spouts Spring magical ideas,
Hollowed-excavated planet, thin-weighted crust shakes,
A Renewal!

A book joyfully found, returned to the Library.
Child lost-devastated, brought back to his family.
Present in journey of life, learning absence of meaning.
Breaking through the faught and taught. Seeing anew,
A Renewal!





Pillage Wonderstruck!

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The super moon witnessed moving shadows
Though short, stretched long in the bushy meadows.
The pensive forest huddled, in time spoke,
Her thoughts emerged rushing, whistling trees provoke.

He remembered his dramatic last visit here
Tonight he tried again, combating his fear;
His bones protested, barely recovered ear
twistings; beating, showered his Beloved’s dear.

Bushes and trees conspired with a pregnant cloud,
He thanked the universe, as he hopped on proud;
Moonless now, light and shadow played games.
Blind love tip-toed on, his heart sang endearing names.

Tapping on her window pane, morse-coded his arrival,
Ran back to wait, avoiding a head-on looming scandal.
Suspense high, imagination low, no phones whined his brow,
furrowed. Eyes furtively prayed up, watching Super Moon suddenly show.

She waited in whispering breaths, cursing the moon,
Her Sweet didn’t check the calendar, the stupid loon!
Ready on the quiet, the adrenalin deafening, pumping;
She covered up the pillows in a line, phones still missing.

Lunar last chance, hid their wave and nervous re-union dance,
Finally, held hands, texting long due messages, with every prance.
Eyes locked and shocked, lights on now in her far off house,
Shushing the creaky running forest, they ran free as sounds gather and Rouse.

Sat panting, joyously together on a bench, waiting for the nightly train,
Dying of thirst, fear, and uncertain dreams in future’s strange terrain.
Their ride to eternal happiness screeches to stop; allowing the couple up on moonbeams.
She warmly blames him for her heart’s pillage; bidding farewell, loving the search teams.💖




Pic credits: Royalty free downloadable images from the Internet.


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A Standing Ovation!

I love us people, human beings,

humane, enterprising, and want seeing.

Replaced interest in the be

with the Birds and the Bee!

Kumbh changed from body filled with knowledge

to a Body looking for Love.


Whodunnit: Freudian list of needs

or Barbie origins from the adult toy gigs?

From a brain creating wonders

to a Brain searching for Happiness.

Kutumb, being one supportive community,

to MBA’s and Techniques of Community Living.


Transitioning nurturing families from small town wild,

to a new concept: takes a Village to raise a Child.

New festivals designed to rescue zillions,

Kwanzaa reminding, Kuumba traditions.

Each Day, has a special name to strengthen, celebrate,

All weakening relationships, that Business dictates?


Natural simplicity, humility, empathy,

migrated to Class education in cities simply.

Humility, a sign of weakness, Hurray!

Empathy, a laughing stock-

unless donating money today!

Display! Show! or Abilities do dock.


Modern diseases, to a petty purpose in a lab are made,

enabling condescension, domination, Power to degrade.

What is worse: Hitlerian rule, Aids, or a Virus Dare?

Imperialism, Nuclear Statistics, or biological warfare?

Caste system, Race label, or crass Class classification?

In a re-think about worlds’ political ossification.


Today we admire money and emulate the Monied drive;

Celebrate! We now have leaders of such a tribe.

We built competition and measured it with numbers,

Lets live it, love it, till we smoke all horizons to embers.

Let’s all rise to applaud our own performance,

Well deserved, A Standing Ovation! Let’s Dance!


Ho! Ho! Ho! to Oh! Oh! Oh!


Its here! It’s time! The gifts are done, and so is cooking by mum;

Ho! Ho! Ho! Now,  GET THE FOOD!

I’ve had a long ride, Not nice to be rude?

Feed Me! Cakes, chocolates, and delish meats,

Cheesy thing to say, but I’m fully fed up of treats!


Frolic and Yay! Chatter and Play!

Gift groans and moans, tire the day.

Oh! Oh! Oh! 911? “Ma’am. What just broke?”

Not her water, just the bank ?… “Fire do stoke!”

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“She’s having a food baby!” said her Doc, “Walk or Mall.

She needs to shop, till she drops -Calories. Take her, Ya’ll!”


Careful! Its a Festive  feastive time of the year!

Look after your (self ) pills and bills, Oh Deah!



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2047: Execute change, not people

My dream. My first post pulled up from deep down under before I knew the b, l, o’s of blogging😉


   Remember hearing a story of the two greedy cats, who asked a clever monkey to help them equally share food they had found? The hungry monkey, kept taking a bite of each of their portions to show that he was fair. Ultimately, he had taken away everything the cats had, leaving them feeling dazed and confused.images   Can you relate that to the experience of the British (Raj) colonies, a world-inspiring independence struggle, freedom, and subsequent healing over the last few generations?

   Lets put that into perspective, shall we?

    Britisher explorers, reach India with their dreams of a sun-never-setting empire, and begin to teach with drastic civilizing efforts. They engage in setting up systems and a network of transportation to communication highways and dominate over hospitable people. Only much later, their situation changed dramatically when the locals revolted on realizing that they had lost all rights…

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Hope, Joy, Love.


Hope is ever-present on the rays of the sun,
and riding at night on the moonbeams.
Feel it on your way to dreaming your dreams,
gathering strength to living each one.


Joy is ever-present in the simple things,
In sunshine, raindrops, sprouting seed,
Mountain top, Spring, or tumble weed.
Hear it singing a song set to your heart-strings.

Cute Girl In A Hat

Love catches off guard, often confounds us!
Gains power through struggle, rise, or fall.
Patient, tough, gentle, chaotic, or spiritual,
But warmly secures, See the bounty surrounds us!





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On a special night, was a baby born,

Special powers had he, celebrated men next glorious morn.


The myths developed around, people wished upon the Star,

Santa to the rescue, cuddled red-fluffy-white, flies to each hopeful far.


Millenia later this day, an enthusiasm still surrounds;

Every seed, plant, tree, animal, child young and old, frolick around!


Oh! I love the story, from the very start,

That talks about the good, love, and a giving heart!


This season, my wish is for peace on earth through family and politics of nations. Let’s spread so much love to all, everyday, that there is no room for terror* to grow.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with your loved ones!!!






Comedy of T(errors)!

Two relatively modern day inventions, Errors and Terrors, we know, dislike, and don’t want being friendly with. Though they both lead to natural and man-made cause and effects, we know no fear whether it be a traffic ticket or a shooting incident, unless the consequence has impacted our daily lives.

Started in the era of expectations and rules, errors are now simply familiar friends, we know, dont like being shown our own, reluctantly correct ourselves on, joyously point out for others, and hope not to repeat, in order to conform socially.

Terrors, cute when they are innocent little familial ones, take on gigantic demonic proportions when they loom high on unknown distant horizons. Cute terror stories are shared on observer initiative at family and friend get-togethers and on social media. Whereas, Terrorist events are relayed by the initiative taker on social media to spread awareness and fear of their powerful existence. In the case of these fear-mongers, they get the attention they seek, and further applause through journalistic media; increasing exponentially the ripple-effect of their intent and deed.

Though hard to imagine but is common to both the terrors, cute or mute, is that they are looking for the same thing. One doesn’t get away with it because it is impacting the household directly and the perspective is that the child needs to be ignored or disciplined.

The other mute one gets away with it because of the fear waves they triggered, giving rise to insecurities way beyond a common man’s control of internal and external factors at exactly the same time. Their helpless perceptions are discolored black, white, and grey; magnified by media’s repetitive inputs to the receiving brain via staccato gunfire sound, interspersed with ritualistic commentary on the hour, and flashing iconic images across the color spectrum.


What needs to be remembered is that the terrorist is a label, just like other labels in our lives. The intent of the actor and the context of the action are the real driving force behind the perception or fear, a label generates. Hidden behind events they initiate are multi-level factors like politics, governments, and financial motives in stealth. Leadership levels, on both sides, have strategies and communications that need mediation and clarification. Some of these people are simply young teens, caught young into soldiering, or other support jobs provided under the cover of local civil population.

As we begin to understand related vocabularies and de-jargonify the pattern in the story, we begin to see that they are people like you and me, but caught in the rigmarole of illiterate perceptions and grandiose ideas sold to the most vulnerable; in the name of whatever that person wants, needs, or believes in.

Just that their circumstances are different.

  1. Perception of what is the real problem. Example, poverty or warm clothing.

  2. Solution to the solving the perceived problem and their role in it. Example, food, electricity, power through gun.

  3. Domination eventually, is a goal at different levels, and the proportional level of success accomplished, a significant variable.

Surprised to see that it seems like a natural flow chart of events, wherever there is leadership or a need for an important resource?


How can we avoid such creative pursuits or creation of such inverse talent? In-house or overseas.

If majority of the population ignores a minority population;

If their perceptions are not understood;

If every fact is reported as a scandal;

If their basic needs are not met;

If needs change with age, are they free to move on: educational, community minded, altruistic, spiritual, etc;

If weapons are sold to them;

Then, ‘we’ have created a terrorist!

Later, we don’t know, how things change form, and now ignorance is ours.

We give them success, then we panic, and feed them the fear to thrive on.

Is it worse for us or them. Them because, A relevant group taught B the technique to get what A wanted; B made it their habit, and B’s children see it as simple as culture. Doesn’t B need rehabilitation vs. Blasting away to clear their Land?

Simple question is: Can there be a conversation with a protesting or needy population before we end up alienating them to the extent of making more terrorists?

There in lies the Comedy of (T)errors. The comical twins: terror and error. These by products of our civilization: are they our Fortune or Misfortune?

P.S. If this article or any of my related works, at any point in time, generate any income, sixty-percent of that will go towards meeting the basic needs of the alienated and rehabilitating those willing, starting with one of three possible regions.