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Dark and light forces acting, are suggesting diverse shades of hope for the New Year, 2017!

What a performance, 2016! Farewell. Continue reading Hopeful

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Dial 1-800-Tragedy! Extn:MOPE

Come, walk with me.
Travel on a one way ticket.
City from : Mope
Destination: Hope
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2047: Execute change, not people

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?    Remember hearing a story of the two greedy cats, who asked a clever monkey to help them equally share food they had found? The hungry monkey, kept taking a bite of each of their portions to show that he was fair. Ultimately, he had taken away everything the cats had, leaving them feeling dazed and confused.   Can you relate… Continue reading 2047: Execute change, not people


Enthusiasm On a special night, was a baby born, Special powers had he, celebrated men next glorious morn. The myths developed around, people wished upon the Star, Santa to the rescue, cuddled red-fluffy-white, flies to each hopeful far. Millenia later this day, an enthusiasm still surrounds; Every seed, plant, tree, animal, child young and old, frolick around! Oh! I love the story, from the very … Continue reading Enthusiasm