via Daily Prompt: Panoply


If this picture was our planet, and every dot in it a community, a person; then what a lot of wonderful chroma we represent! Diverse ideas, thoughts, and beliefs in each and every dot. An amazing a process of diversifying, migrating, and adapting to change. An exquisite panoply of anomalies we formed with every mile our ancestors moved! Though we deviated from the core standard, so to speak, do we even know who the core people were?


That was our simple “Once upon a time…” 


Then we blended, spread, adapted to climate, animals, trees, fruits, flowers, and finally changed in a few of our choices of food, clothing, and shelter.

Different continents shifted, broke away, and merged.

We got busy in our struggles of survival: through creating our food, clothing, and shelter. We fought for land; for more food, clothing, and shelter. On the side we created different patterns of living life, different but basically similar. We bred leaders for kingdoms, religion, and teaching.

As our basic struggles became obvious but psychedelic in contrast, systems emerged. Organized groups that submitted to fear; suggesting, enforcing, maintaining different paths to the Unknown. Competition and greed to be one up on the other led to imperialism and more groups.


Different groups of people shifted, broke away, met-wondered-feared. They developed a panoply of ways to discover new things, to solve problems, and cope with fears; from have-to-do’s to multiple choices per second.


Fear of the unknown moved from unreachable Space to reachable Space, even on Earth. Integrated by language and internet, pulsating billion dots on the same Earth.

Only  population numbers and perceptions of population have changed!



We now breed a panoply of religions and systems emanating from such believing that to be our way of life; to defend our righteousness unto death. All colors making way for a dark, blind, world.



Pic Credits: Royalty free images from the internet.


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