What a treasure to have, hold, and cherish! What an amazing resource of love and experience!  And all their patience – to wait, to allow, and to enjoy!

Wow to grandparents. Isn’t it so sad that we must have allotted days to celebrate a relationship? As I speak to many of them, especially in metroplex or mega cities, I hear, a valuable resource ignored and laying isolated. And I wonder, if these diversely experienced lovers of humanity were integrated in family or other socially needy settings, what an  amazing progress we would make as a society! People dying to give love, people dying to receive love!!! But their bubbles are a world apart.

I tell my kids that we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Daughter’s Day, and Son’s Day Everyday!

In India, November 14, the reverse is celebrated as Children’s Day and every year, children are given some sort of sweet or treat. Don’t you think that respect and love can be given everyday, for no rhyme or reason, in any season? What better counsellors for a myriad of life’s joy and issues, than people who understand you best? Grandparents have become an unrecognized, hidden treasure in modern times.

Do people who gently or intentionally show you a mirror, have to be hated or deprived? It breaks my heart to hear judgements on such unconditional lovers of life, who are a potential resource to family, community, and maybe even … as far a space, as prisons.

Many a human fellow,

Age and time did mellow.

They grew, flew, and sure did stew,

Certified now by life’s lessons so true.        

Rich love never spoiled a soul,        

Be it a child, worker, or ghoul!

Couldn’t we, with their guidance and help, bring down the crime rate this way? Retrieve joy and increase happiness on both sides, giver and receiver🙂College certified or degreed inexperience Vs. Life certified glowing experienced: Choose!

Look at yourself in the family mirror. Wouldn’t it be better than spending money on counselors, who have the license to listen silently, all positive-rarely negative feedback, tell you, “You did it!” I have a lot to talk to Freud about, whenever I meet him😉

You have to do your homework on self-growth anyway, why pay for it? It is hard work, either way.

Share the joy, spread family love this season❣


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Here’s a HUGE Thank You to my grandparents and my kids’ GRAAANDparents too!😘Couldn’t  have done it without you! Lots of 💜💙💚💛❤️💓💟



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