Mystical is to me



To me, mystical means something that makes me connect in a thoughtful pause.

I have thought about this word off and on and I sometimes wonder if it makes sense. Connect with what?

It could be a blank moment on reaching a summit, which you enjoy, and at some point, lose all thoughts, and you are one with the moment; with nature, person, or a thought.

It has happened while working with clay, while walking through a pine forest, while drawing, during a walk, reading a book, gardening, while working with/talking to a child in a class, mundane activity like cleaning; essentially anything that gets me truly concentrated on a thought, experience, repetitive pattern of behavior.

To me it’s a good thing. In that moment, I make a connection that helps me see something insightful or new that has helped me or let me help someone else.

Whatever it’s called, to me it is magical!


P.S. This is my favorite picture from a Ladakh trip two years ago, though there were some better ones. Mystical?






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