Trump this Conundrum!

Trump this Conundrum!

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

📢 Trump-Christmas shoppers-Xenophobia-Conundrum Combo is now served! 🐲

I’m impressed with the turn of events over the last few centuries and the casserole that is baking in the oven right now: A la’ Carte Trumpian Xenophobic Christmassy Conundramatic Combo Speciale’

“Aah … Ladies and Gentlemen! Deliciouoso! Par excellante! Tickets are now available at the entrance.”

Be ready to be entranced!

Even Dr. Mesmer of the mesmerized fame, couldn’t have pulled it off on such a grand scale! The King saved his people by rightly intervening and checking on Mesmer’s secretive strategy, the then undiscovered hypnosis. Which earthly King is going to rule out this con-un-drum in fast forward, our present world?

“Eat! Consume! De-phobiate! Relax and enjoy this meal at our expense! Doctors ready at hand on December 19th for those who cannot digest such an exquisite meal!”

Recipe follows, but, in retrospect, this dish in our social oven cannot be duplicated though we will have you duped-licked-ated very soon. Mmmm!


Learn English: everyone.

Educate: All possible in the world.

Travel : Accessible transportation.

Small world: airplane travel.

Internet: communication highways.

Long distance OPS: Operations overseas as in Buy, Spy, Love, Adopt, and Kill!

Spices: Sprinkle to taste with a pinch of deception, euphemisms, intolerance, fear of the differentosis (read : language, culture, clothing, and even accents!) and a wish of dominance!

Politics, consumerism,  tourism, intolerance of now visible differences breeding hate, demanding standardization, are born! The world is getting smaller, and so are our brainy perceptions😉

“War, children, WAR! Fight! Fight!”

“People of Planet Earth! Rejoice! We have done it! We beat the brainless monkeys!” We have unified a world, brought diversity close, and oooh, ooo, aaa, aaa; we don’t know what to doo, doo, widall da data!

Let us share this dish with love and an understanding that what we sowed, we reaped, we baked, and now we eat!

At no other time have we needed the Blessings of all the Gods we can find. For, Gods help those humans, who help themselves.

Or, is there a doctor in this party tonight who can?



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