Moody Sirius Black

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Sirius Black. At best, he can be described as good at heart with side effects from a scarred childhood. Simply put, he was unfortunate to have begun his life tumbling around on streets, till he was picked up for adoption.

Blessed with good looks and eventually, a spoilt upbringing, he begins to display a strong streak of narcissism through his teen years. He was adopted by this horrible family who loved him to death. To make it worse, group hugs, girly kisses, and early popularity at the dog park gets to his head. He begins to believe that he can flash his gorgeous eyes, show his cool dude swag, and display a sassy walk to impress all those readily-swooning ladies.

Much like a human teenager, he is moody and impulsive, has no consideration for consequences, has bouts of all about himself, and likes to have junk treats on demand. I wonder though, if he ever understood his thoughts that led to his sudden actions? Regardless, he loves and lives life on the edge.

Never knowing, when he’ll get his next meal, walk, or hug from his working family, he tries to get all the love he can from anyone anywhere. Therefore, it is impossible to blame him, but being popular and attractive, narcissism comes naturally to him. Quite useless to the lab clan, he doesn’t step beyond a foot deep in water. He passed the swim test once in deeper waters, but that’s it. Though he’s quite a go-getter at hunting rabbits or rats, an avid risk-taker, but retrieving things – ends at effort three.

He has done purposeless killings of very young wild rabbits and rats. To that extent, he is a classified murderer. What makes him playfully torment the dying without realizing the awfulness of the deed? On top of it, he was expelled from kindergarten, because he didn’t listen to every command at four to five months of age. Two months with new owner was considered enough. So for several months he had a thing for judgmental eyes, and he even chewed up the eyes off Buckbeak, the hippogriff. After a misdeed like that, he would show regret, look down, and slink away.

Is being over-privileged good or bad? Just like, does doing terrible things, make him terrible? Can he be called a bully? When one weighs all his personality traits, his unconditional love; his protective, not jealous attitude; and his eventual remorse at pinching his own family members on the butt (due to his teething phase mainly, maybe shepherding instinct); overrides all, and the four-legged case, is called to a close.

Lately, he has shown newer qualities such as controlling the pressure of his teeth to communicate or suggest different things with varied growly sounds, reminds me of texting abbreviations that teens use. To invent his own language, The Canine Morse Code; and show a variety of feelings through the Sirius Remorse Code, puts him at par with many two-legged intellectuals of our time.

A good measure of intelligence quotient is usually music. Though he has tried some tunes of his own, the one that shocks him the most, is rather unusual, umm … the rear kind. He reacts with a sudden movement turning his head trying to locate his sound, waits for the tune to end, looks around embarrassed and confused, and tries to understand insensitive human laughter as a response to his discomfort.

He is a very curious being who will always have amazing adventures*; for all who wander are not lost! After all, he returns home, and is often found waiting at the doorstep, before the search is called off. Knowing that he now listens to commands and always does his best, his family forgives him for all his sins, mainly because he accepts people for who they are.


  • If he can get off the leash. Very rare, since his second birthday.

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