Telling others to Relax Vs. How I Relax?

” Relax! Have a Charminar😉!”

Charminar being a brand of cigarettes sold in India about three decades ago. In our teen years, it was fun to say to a friend who was getting worked up about something,  “Relax! Have a Charminar!”

None of us smoked, but it was the catch phrase, and we knew to take a chill-pill at the moment. Fast-forward thirty years, and we are surviving lines of a different time and age😱!


Vocab evolution … Shoot me🔫


The other day, my daughter looked intently at me trying to describe one set of electric lights we had growing up and I wasn’t sure what sequence of colours it showed when lit up. She said, “Mom, you are sooo old that in your days even the rainbow was black and white.”

I burst out laughing, barely speaking, complaining it wasn’t even a fair one. Thank you, Dear! I am trying to relax.

Now that I’m classified old, I have the license to relax, and I’m going to run, excuse me … hobble along😉, with it!



Relax! It’s only forty some hours of work.

Breathe! It’s only teaching kids to love doing work.

Continue the process: Inhale- exhale. It’s only cooking two-three meals a day.

Close your eyes and concentrate on a single thought. Laundry and vacuuming. 

Blank your mind. Whose turn for dishes?

Peace. Intolerance and war?

Relax! Ummm… Mail? Bills?

Om! Drop everything and simplify.

I for one, am taking a chill-pill this season, the old-fashioned way from the following Doctor:

Surgeon General’s Statutory Warning: Driving during Christmas traffic is injurious to health and venting about issues on the road is against the spirit of the Season.


My final take on the Obsessive-Compulsive-Shopper-Mania: Looking through history, I found the answer to WWJD. Relax with family/community, simple food, and conversation.

And maybe cash for gifts, if you must😉



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