2047: Execute change, not people

My dream. My first post pulled up from deep down under before I knew the b, l, o’s of blogging😉


   Remember hearing a story of the two greedy cats, who asked a clever monkey to help them equally share food they had found? The hungry monkey, kept taking a bite of each of their portions to show that he was fair. Ultimately, he had taken away everything the cats had, leaving them feeling dazed and confused.images   Can you relate that to the experience of the British (Raj) colonies, a world-inspiring independence struggle, freedom, and subsequent healing over the last few generations?

   Lets put that into perspective, shall we?

    Britisher explorers, reach India with their dreams of a sun-never-setting empire, and begin to teach with drastic civilizing efforts. They engage in setting up systems and a network of transportation to communication highways and dominate over hospitable people. Only much later, their situation changed dramatically when the locals revolted on realizing that they had lost all rights…

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