Ho! Ho! Ho! to Oh! Oh! Oh!


Its here! It’s time! The gifts are done, and so is cooking by mum;

Ho! Ho! Ho! Now, ย GET THE FOOD!

I’ve had a long ride, Not nice to be rude?

Feed Me! Cakes, chocolates, and delish meats,

Cheesy thing to say, but I’m fully fed up of treats!


Frolic and Yay! Chatter and Play!

Gift groans and moans, tire the day.

Oh! Oh! Oh! 911? “Ma’am. What just broke?”

Not her water, just the bank ?… “Fire do stoke!”

“She’s having a food baby!” said her Doc, “Walk or Mall.

She needs to shop, till she drops -Calories. Take her, Ya’ll!”


Careful! Its aย Festiveย  feastive time of the year!

Look after your (self ) pills and bills, Oh Deah!




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