A Standing Ovation!

I love us people, human beings,

humane, enterprising, and want seeing.

Replaced interest in the be

with the Birds and the Bee!

Kumbh changed from body filled with knowledge

to a Body looking for Love.


Whodunnit: Freudian list of needs

or Barbie origins from the adult toy gigs?

From a brain creating wonders

to a Brain searching for Happiness.

Kutumb, being one supportive community,

to MBA’s and Techniques of Community Living.


Transitioning nurturing families from small town wild,

to a new concept: takes a Village to raise a Child.

New festivals designed to rescue zillions,

Kwanzaa reminding, Kuumba traditions.

Each Day, has a special name to strengthen, celebrate,

All weakening relationships, that Business dictates?


Natural simplicity, humility, empathy,

migrated to Class education in cities simply.

Humility, a sign of weakness, Hurray!

Empathy, a laughing stock-

unless donating money today!

Display! Show! or Abilities do dock.


Modern diseases, to a petty purpose in a lab are made,

enabling condescension, domination, Power to degrade.

What is worse: Hitlerian rule, Aids, or a Virus Dare?

Imperialism, Nuclear Statistics, or biological warfare?

Caste system, Race label, or crass Class classification?

In a re-think about worlds’ political ossification.


Today we admire money and emulate the Monied drive;

Celebrate! We now have leaders of such a tribe.

We built competition and measured it with numbers,

Lets live it, love it, till we smoke all horizons to embers.

Let’s all rise to applaud our own performance,

Well deserved, A Standing Ovation! Let’s Dance!



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