Pillage Wonderstruck!

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The super moon witnessed moving shadows
Though short, stretched long in the bushy meadows.
The pensive forest huddled, in time spoke,
Her thoughts emerged rushing, whistling trees provoke.

He remembered his dramatic last visit here
Tonight he tried again, combating his fear;
His bones protested, barely recovered ear
twistings; beating, showered his Beloved’s dear.

Bushes and trees conspired with a pregnant cloud,
He thanked the universe, as he hopped on proud;
Moonless now, light and shadow played games.
Blind love tip-toed on, his heart sang endearing names.

Tapping on her window pane, morse-coded his arrival,
Ran back to wait, avoiding a head-on looming scandal.
Suspense high, imagination low, no phones whined his brow,
furrowed. Eyes furtively prayed up, watching Super Moon suddenly show.

She waited in whispering breaths, cursing the moon,
Her Sweet didn’t check the calendar, the stupid loon!
Ready on the quiet, the adrenalin deafening, pumping;
She covered up the pillows in a line, phones still missing.

Lunar last chance, hid their wave and nervous re-union dance,
Finally, held hands, texting long due messages, with every prance.
Eyes locked and shocked, lights on now in her far off house,
Shushing the creaky running forest, they ran free as sounds gather and Rouse.

Sat panting, joyously together on a bench, waiting for the nightly train,
Dying of thirst, fear, and uncertain dreams in future’s strange terrain.
Their ride to eternal happiness screeches to stop; allowing the couple up on moonbeams.
She warmly blames him for her heart’s pillage; bidding farewell, loving the search teams.💖




Pic credits: Royalty free downloadable images from the Internet.


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