A Renewal!

Starry darkness brightens the moon and gently gives way,
To the sun’s rising embrace, Light-ly cycles the day.
Beckoning us, “Open the lidded mind and eye, ARISE!”
Ah! To drown in that early oxygen oceania,
A Renewal!

The day of our birth defining, the double-digit tenth,
Thirteenth, sixteenth, eighteenth, or twenty-first:
Manmade landmarks condition us for celebration.
Self-worth really emerges on First job, First paycheck;
A Renewal!

The earth’s residents make war and peace,
Animals, plants, insects- winsome lose some, too.
Wintered thought-full hibernation spouts Spring magical ideas,
Hollowed-excavated planet, thin-weighted crust shakes,
A Renewal!

A book joyfully found, returned to the Library.
Child lost-devastated, brought back to his family.
Present in journey of life, learning absence of meaning.
Breaking through the faught and taught. Seeing anew,
A Renewal!






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