Dial 1-800-Tragedy! Extn:MOPE

“Once upon a time, it was … The End!” 

All that the story read.

My joys, hopes, dreams, … Life.

The tragedies were them. Me, a tragedy.

The Queen on the couch,

m-oping the world to change;

Since I’d lost the letter ‘h’

in a scrabble game.

I’d put the hoping in a safety deposit box,

like a jewel which I may cash in an emergency.

Alas! the bank was looted and all was lost.

No exercise; though heart and mind wrestle,

Lost no calories, built castles in blues.

Gradually I became the couch. Couch, me.

A sulky potato, soft quite oft,

growing shoots of dejection.

The experts said, “You can’t do it yourself!

Come to me.” He made me dependent besides drugs,

on him. On HIM! Fake God with a degree was he?

I thought of the doctor, reliving numbers, visits.

I remembered the lines on what I didn’t do better.

Was I a kid who brought home a bad report card?

The visit. The talk. The prescription.

The payment installments. The exit. The drive home.

He said he’d make me feel better. But…

Small pills, big pills, colorful spills;

Known ills to un-pronounceable watchamacallills.

Picked up another job to pay bills.

Vegetate until you can your self resuscitate

Life back in. Dependency makes you give in.

Stress, anxiety are getting stronger than me-

They win! Why? Whyme?


After a whole night so moonless,

counting, re-counting sheep in distress;

It suddenly dawned. Lights on me.

I SOLed, Screamed Out Loud,

“No more! Go away! You installment keepers.”

I was emotionally sad, financially anxious, too.

I’d gone in with one problem, and emerged with two.

I LOLed, laughed out loud at myself!

There is no one to blame, what a shame!

I stepped out of the straight jacket-

bullet in the heart, pathetic miserable packet!

All that metal! Suffocating thoughts of stress.

Alchoholic cage, the whine and wine.

I was just the metal. Under fire. A test,

re-test stronger, by the heating degrees.

Hey, that felt Better! Surprising, realizing myself,

Maybe that’s the key: no blame, stop the game.

I discarded all those reasons,

that bothered me every season.

I see it now.

Flew out free! Only one job to me!

Less is more … time for Life.

Giving more … than

I know my best.

I trust myself to do even do better.

I’m going to do this to the last letter.

Counting not sheep, but possibilities.

I’m so thrilled at the victory over my thoughts,

I dance out. Celebrate sunshine with glee!

Others can pine, opine, wine, and whine.

Do what they must do to make them feel good.

To not need to pine, opine,

wine and whine-

I am the one to change,

to resolve, problem solve, rise,

myself !

“CUT!” said the Director, “Good take! It’s a wrap.”

“See you at the New Years Eve Dinner,” waved the Producer.

The film was to be shown at the the party,

in honor of self-assured Women, 2017,

Nurturing problem solvers,

yet Leaders of tomorrow-

For they know how to balance, like Nature;

manage meagre resources,

Peace and Power!


Warning: Content may be fictitious, but the research is symptomatic.


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