I’m going to be good as New!

Replacement of body parts, a lovely business😉 Due apologies to Doctors and would-be Docs. This is a non-medic success😉

What a wonderful concept! I love the idea of replacing things: consumerism. “Throw out the old! Buy New! IT’s Stronger! It looks prettier!” The concept has cascaded all over the health market too.

Two new hips swinging in sync, two knees that meet as one, a loving heart to replace my crime filled one, and one kidney of the bean brand, and a designer bladder to hang outside, a wrist wrapper device to call emergency, and I 😊Blush blush, am 🎵as Good as New!!!🎶

Go + Ne= Gone! 

I can’t wait to be 60!🎵

🎼Two knees that wobble as one,                                                                       one heart that ticks so true,                                                                             two hips that swing with you,                                                                          I’m as Good as New🎶

To be GoNe. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound good. Ahmm…

Caution: WordPress Stats are a huge distraction from the Medical Stats! Which one is really important? Decide after reading this experience.

My daughters knees hurt during her teenage. After all checkups, she was suggested to see a surgeon who was going to “… go inside her knee … ” Time fixed Mon, 7:30 for surgery.

“Wait a minute this moved rather quickly, Dad!”

“Hold on! I need to meet this Doctor myself.”

“Doc, what are you going to do? Why does she need this?”

“Blah, blah, blah, probe, blah, see inside, miniscus blah blaah!”

“How bad is the miniscus tear?”

“Blah bluh blaah… That is what I need to probe and find out extent of the damage, blah blooh blubaah.”

This was a nightmare on a Friday that carried into Sunday. I read day and night about the necessity of the probe, how it is performed (on YouTube!!!), recovery period, etc. I sent few of the X-ray images to an ortho friends husband who agreed to look at. In five X-rays he declared on e-mail, “No miniscus damage. No surgery required!”

I call Sunday night and cancel surgery. Next morning I spoke to them, went and returned the prepping supplies. Went for a third opinion. You will yapsolutely love the new Diagnosis!

“Nothing to do with the knee. She needs therapy for 1 x four weeks. IT band that runs along the thigh needs stretching and that is pulling on the knee.”

Saved 4-6 months recovery and rehab procedures and expenses!

Please READ before you nod in front of a medical business.





Automatic Happiness

Social expectations: A dread! A line of control! A joy when met and celebrated! We have our own expectations of an ideal family, society; others expectations of us, our family, or communities; and our own positive or negative, high or low expectations of us, ourselves. How many expectations must we, can we, should we meet?

If that’s not enough, there are those things called social cues. They are worthwhile if that is a family person, friend, spouse, or your favourite organization. Social cues are like helpful bacteria in nature; billions of them everywhere, help manage and understand nature and society, convert people to healthy system like eating pro-biotics in yogurt, but totally annoying if it serves the other person only. We must filter the social cues thrown at us by such self-serving people, or habitually charged-with-making-a-difference people.

Talking numbers, lets hypothesize that each person makes their version of a behavioural cue, of a hundred that they follow everyday. Possible Statistics are :
100 x earths population= 100, 00, 000,000, … (appx.😉)

Proof statement: Therefore, I find automatic happiness in zero expectations. Everyday. From everyone. ZERO thoughts leading to zero expectation to Zero blame. No super hero needed to rescue!

To some extent, it’s inevitable if you are a parent, teacher, or a leader; but there it’s a mutually benefitting arrangement, as long as there’s two way communication possible.

I also decided ages ago to minimize the effects of receiving social cues and instead of giving them, just kindly, sincerely suggest it “if you don’t mind my saying, …” and people will make their choice and even appreciate the honesty. Others will walk away and that is their choice.

It’s possible to get the point when you step across ‘A border.’ An out of culture experience provides different set of cues. It’s amazing that many common things matter to humans all over the world. But then, without giving it away, let’s face it, some countries or cultures just have more cues or even cue-giving habits than others.

Do we need to put on our red capes and fly to rescue others? Especially after reading a few self help books, or a psychology class in college, or a geography course, and we become Super Hero experts, (hell) bent on making a difference! (Umm … Don’t even go there😄! Not today).

Have a wonderful whatever comes your way: a weekend with favourite people, beautiful life giving rain, or the golden joyful sunshine!



🎵All I want is a …

Al I want is… t’ ride a few goals,
Walking tenderly on twinkling coals.
Changing together like ’em foals-
Aow, wouldn’t it be Simply!
Everyday I love, I live to teach,
Discipline, care, ‘n’ balance reach-
Warm thoughts, warm ‘earts, n’ res-pect-
Now, Wouldn’t it be Simply!🎶

🎶All I want is … no ugly wars,
mis-judging less, figh-ting for mores.
See strength, not weakness-
Aow, wouldn’t it be Simply!
En-cour-age ałl, qua-lity work,
Hu-mans rise, mi-raculous change.
Grow up, rise above, reach high!
Now, Wouldn’t it be Simply!🎶






Committing to pass my fear today

“I will do a Successful Publish in 2017.”

Having been between so many writers/authors on WordPress, I am nothing but encouraged by people visiting, liking, following, and commenting on my blog. Before I begin, I want to give a huge thank you to all of your participation and encouragement here.

I feel comfortable in telling you that I also have had my own share of fears to deal with in the last few decades, faced them, defied them, overcome many, but the one I’ve been holding onto longest, is this book in gestation for about twelve years😄 My kids have laughed everytime I extend the deadline, and family stopped wondering about it ages ago!

Its a fiction started with an idea, as usual. But since I didn’t know the w. r. i’s of writing, I’ve learned everything from books themselves. Narrative, descriptions, conversation, and I divulge a secret: this book has won the unofficial Guiness Book of World Award for progression and evolution through a million edits. You know how hard that is: six months break here, twelve months there.

To publish or not to publish, was the question. The likes of Scholastic don’t deal with new authors, and so on. Someone said try short stories, I tried. Kiddie books like the crocodile iPod story (October, 2016) and several others hibernating as long.

I met couple editors in publishing houses but YA books of an unusual format, another science fiction, and so on. Only 28,998 rejections to go and I’ll be a published author. Yippee!

I feel it’s time to self publish and let the wordpress community decide what is to become of it. The topic close to my heart, as you know well by now, is our mad, bad, mad world and the wonderful people in it. And, the theme of this blog: what actions we take and what might be possible, to build a better future for our children. Common boring theme, but Thinkinkadia perspectives. So far, I call my book, “Nincompoopia.”

What say you? Would you like it in a serial format for a sneak peek?

Walled in. Fenced out.


Culture seems to have lots of words for defining space in modern times. Not the Space around our planet earth, but a more familiar one, around us. Life is itself a maze, a chakravyooh already. Must we make it worse? What defines a successful human being: Smart, professional, bubbled-in own personal space, chunky bank balances, (and weekly sessions with psychiatrists)?

Every person, tribe, social group, religious group, or even nation talks about space. We might use a synonym for wall, fence, bubble, boundaries, security alarm, or plain and simple: space. As far as I see, a wall is a wall, whichever word you use; whichever space you define it with.

Modern concepts like be positive, touchy-feely, emotional, stoic, etc. are strong indicators of our limitations guised in the form of our preferences for interacting with others. Until cool companies like Google or 3 M make socializing cool facilitated by food to promote creativity. Wasn’t that the same old fashioned human, sharing the mammoth they all brought down together?

We set limits around ourselves to feel comfortable and secure, as in the Womb. The crying celebrated on birth, is the cry now seen as a weakness, unless Biden cries after eight years of leadership. Then we wonder maybe it isn’t a less macho thing after all.

We now have beautiful designer ways to shut the door on someone asking for a listen, maybe a moments’ support, or wanting to share. I find it strange that what we refuse to do in person, we accept in writing or print: reading biographies, blogs, or clicking likes on social media. We don’t even mind paying for the book or movie!

Face to face, we seem to prefer humor, pills, energy shots, and hours in counseling. Example: the maximum likes on social media are on saddest stories or brightest pictures or of calm Nature. Whatever are we really declaring to the world as we move from pixies to pixels and from bites to bytes?

I have come to a point where I’d rather be there for people in person or otherwise, to listen and tell in fair balance. I’d rather answer their curiosity directly, saving them hours of finding out from other selective-filter-sources to checking-out a person; and in the bargain, saving cats from dying by answering curiosities of gossip marathoners.

Sad to report that this experiment didn’t work with any of my ex-in laws and outlaws, but it seems to do fine elsewheres😉


It gets better. Now they will tell you no one is interested. Or, won’t believe you are telling the truth. It seems to be fake because why would anyone care about a stranger? Why would someone be so nice on a first meeting? What is it that they really want? Did you see how she did that?!

That’s how the Wall becomes A-MAZE(ing).

And, it’s harder to find our way out. On our own.

Performance of a Lifetime



Ambition and drive may bring success, exposure to publicity, fame;               Duties, responsibilities, and Perks; rear their heads and mane.
Humility reminds: Sturdy are the legs that propped you up Mate,
Some lovingly wait for your gracious attention, others love to display hate.

Remembering Greatness: Lincoln, Gandhi, King, Kennedy, McGee.