You make me cry!  It’s so nice to see you 💓


Some people value first impression based on looks and some try to get to know people. In case, it is the latter, there goes the first layer, as in an onion, which isn’t useful. For advertising, read brainwashing, we do need pictures with and without the peel. Well, you know for effect!

As we get to checking out our onion, person of interest, we get curious about them. With each layer coming off, the relationship develops further, and the fun of charged emotions begin.

Positive charge leads to friendship, jokes, inviting each other home,  understanding, going out, making out, and so on. Negative charge leads to caution, avoidance, judgements,  sparks,  insults, rejection, trashing, etc.

All familiar with us, Onions. Right? Whether we see through other people’s layers, or peel our own. At some undefined point, there’s going to be some crying. Oh, Onions!!!

Thats what makes us cry, is the ever present expectation of what we want. From others definitely. And yes, even from ourselves!

If one is used to dealing with onions- pink, yellow, white, or green, miniature or XL, then we regard the crying as a normal expression, not as a disadvantage, scandal, or sadness. Now, relating to any of those onions out there is no problem at all. In fact, even the browning ones don’t dishearten, because two layers down, they are usually fine!

The extremely rotten ones have to be discarded from view, we decide. But really, if fear was replaced with tolerance or reasoning, we will see that, the onions became rotten because the farmer left them out in the rain, or the transporting truck’s air conditioning had gone out for one day, or even that if we compost them, they are serving a higher purpose, in the long run!

Man! Gotta love all those Onions. We created them! So what if it’s an onion of a different color, size or, condition. They add flavor to our life’s food, are healthy, and give us the contrast we need, for giving our best in our daily lives.





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