Infinite. Tolerance.

Academic discussion of tolerance is easy. What we practice with family, friends, community, national, or even international issues is a whole different ball game! Spend an hour on social media, and you’ll end up laughing or irritated or frustrated or warmed in the heart about something someone said. I find it essential to remember that these infinite people out there are wanting to be heard, just like you and me.

Infinite people living in Infinite places, using what they have and adapting in the ways they know best.
Are we the only VIP on this planet wanting recognition, for ‘our way’: be it culture, religion, or style of life? 
Or, are we all consumers of this earths offerings, and we must learn infinite things from each other to survive in different geographical features and climates?

Infinite tolerance is possible, when we realize that each WAY carries some good with it.

What I hear is that infinite people are wanting to be heard and accepted for who they are and keep what they have. In short, tolerance.


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