Life’s marathon

Life’s been quite a thrilling marathon. Growing up traveling, lug all’s, boxes. Leaving thoughtless footprints on mountain, city, beach, desert, and plain.

Meeting people who were loving, open heart, minds; welcoming. Also, aspiring risers, social fishermen: neither increasing own abilities, nor neural networking.

Adventures and misadventures, Risks and strangers, too. No cell phones, traveling alone; each kindness, guidance, fear, jeer, my own.

Explorations, discoveries, and finding my ways; New places, scary, remote ones, too. Riding trains, planes, jeeps, auto, trucks, boats, buses, bikes, and a bullock cart few.

Getting to know cultures, vultures, me, you; Joking, then coping with the in-law outlaw milieu. Expectations, judgements, reduce to philosophising nothin, There-in a choice adventure does begin.

The Rise. The escalated recovery and riSE! Insight, Intuition, been a wonderful prize. Thank you Life, an amazing teacher! A welcome struggle, surprise of daily hidden treasure!

The Marathon continues …


16 thoughts on “Life’s marathon

    1. Thank you so much! I really am so happy to feel your appreciation. Your participation and spreading the word, are my reward. If you see my about page, I have chosen to keep this blog award free. So to keep consistent with with the goal, I hope you don’t mind me declining with a lot of respect for you.

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