Committing to pass my fear today

“I will do a Successful Publish in 2017.”

Having been between so many writers/authors on WordPress, I am nothing but encouraged by people visiting, liking, following, and commenting on my blog. Before I begin, I want to give a huge thank you to all of your participation and encouragement here.

I feel comfortable in telling you that I also have had my own share of fears to deal with in the last few decades, faced them, defied them, overcome many, but the one I’ve been holding onto longest, is this book in gestation for about twelve years😄 My kids have laughed everytime I extend the deadline, and family stopped wondering about it ages ago!

Its a fiction started with an idea, as usual. But since I didn’t know the w. r. i’s of writing, I’ve learned everything from books themselves. Narrative, descriptions, conversation, and I divulge a secret: this book has won the unofficial Guiness Book of World Award for progression and evolution through a million edits. You know how hard that is: six months break here, twelve months there.

To publish or not to publish, was the question. The likes of Scholastic don’t deal with new authors, and so on. Someone said try short stories, I tried. Kiddie books like the crocodile iPod story (October, 2016) and several others hibernating as long.

I met couple editors in publishing houses but YA books of an unusual format, another science fiction, and so on. Only 28,998 rejections to go and I’ll be a published author. Yippee!

I feel it’s time to self publish and let the wordpress community decide what is to become of it. The topic close to my heart, as you know well by now, is our mad, bad, mad world and the wonderful people in it. And, the theme of this blog: what actions we take and what might be possible, to build a better future for our children. Common boring theme, but Thinkinkadia perspectives. So far, I call my book, “Nincompoopia.”

What say you? Would you like it in a serial format for a sneak peek?


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