I’m going to be good as New!

Replacement of body parts, a lovely business😉 Due apologies to Doctors and would-be Docs. This is a non-medic success😉

What a wonderful concept! I love the idea of replacing things: consumerism. “Throw out the old! Buy New! IT’s Stronger! It looks prettier!” The concept has cascaded all over the health market too.

Two new hips swinging in sync, two knees that meet as one, a loving heart to replace my crime filled one, and one kidney of the bean brand, and a designer bladder to hang outside, a wrist wrapper device to call emergency, and I 😊Blush blush, am 🎵as Good as New!!!🎶

Go + Ne= Gone! 

I can’t wait to be 60!🎵

🎼Two knees that wobble as one,                                                                       one heart that ticks so true,                                                                             two hips that swing with you,                                                                          I’m as Good as New🎶

To be GoNe. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound good. Ahmm…

Caution: WordPress Stats are a huge distraction from the Medical Stats! Which one is really important? Decide after reading this experience.

My daughters knees hurt during her teenage. After all checkups, she was suggested to see a surgeon who was going to “… go inside her knee … ” Time fixed Mon, 7:30 for surgery.

“Wait a minute this moved rather quickly, Dad!”

“Hold on! I need to meet this Doctor myself.”

“Doc, what are you going to do? Why does she need this?”

“Blah, blah, blah, probe, blah, see inside, miniscus blah blaah!”

“How bad is the miniscus tear?”

“Blah bluh blaah… That is what I need to probe and find out extent of the damage, blah blooh blubaah.”

This was a nightmare on a Friday that carried into Sunday. I read day and night about the necessity of the probe, how it is performed (on YouTube!!!), recovery period, etc. I sent few of the X-ray images to an ortho friends husband who agreed to look at. In five X-rays he declared on e-mail, “No miniscus damage. No surgery required!”

I call Sunday night and cancel surgery. Next morning I spoke to them, went and returned the prepping supplies. Went for a third opinion. You will yapsolutely love the new Diagnosis!

“Nothing to do with the knee. She needs therapy for 1 x four weeks. IT band that runs along the thigh needs stretching and that is pulling on the knee.”

Saved 4-6 months recovery and rehab procedures and expenses!

Please READ before you nod in front of a medical business.





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