Resist. Accept. Change.

Resistance had seemingly become a bad word in modern times, until recently! The person who encouraged the outrage, is now the subject of it.

It took me my complete surprise, maybe because I’d  not taken interest in politics or politicians before. Infact, for couple decades I had thought that people in some countries don’t think about social issues because the not so good looking / perceived ills of society are hush-hushed and tucked away. The GM foods, the various vaccinations accepted as necessary, selectively free media, and so on.

Then indie bloggers began and social campaigns started leading to expression and sharing of social concerns asking for change, now demanding change. This is a good time to be living in, when history becomes a resource to learn from, and parallels can be drawn, lessons be learned, and change must be informed.

Without further ado, I have will let go of my opinions and present to you some papers which will add meaning to the immigration debate.  I’m positive, people will read and perceive different things from this content, but that is what I hope for. For the sake of Diversity.

Diversity of people, cultures, and opinions in a democracy is its strength and is what leads to social change. Evident it is from the discussion in this book, a hundred years ago. Even though psychology books were written later defining relevant phenomena, subject for many a Ph.D, and now probably classroom discussion for current trends … expertise unfortunately is relegated to audience mode in the heat of the event.

Dissonance. Resistance. Acceptance. Change.

Its ultimately the common people, who affected most, will endure hardship to make it happen.


P. S. Last picture is pretty interesting, because it talks about the diverse levels of immigrants and how they contributed to building a nation, irrespective of their backgrounds, socially accepted or rejected by leaders of the countries involved.

Daily prompt: Resist


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