Beyond Solitude

Beyond Solitude!


Suddenly it happens, takes over me with delight-
a moment wrapped in silence of my thoughts.

Softly, it whispered a symphony of breeze blowing,
measure to measure, swinging swishing palm;
twinkling stars romancing the cloudy calm,
gentle waves kissing my feet and sandy shores.

Eyes singing in tune with the view-
Mountain overlooking, sea eloping with the sky.
Being. Nothing. One with the moment.
Traveled light and far- not knowing, baggage free.

A blink found contentment, I was home-
Much desired Solitude. Familiar. Joyful!


“I believe solitude is not a goal, but a path to one.” Thinkinkadia


22 thoughts on “Beyond Solitude

  1. Thanks you for reading my blog. If you liked it and would like to share it on your social media site please do. My goal is to have a voice for Christ around the globe. You might also check out my book link if interested. Thanks again, Jim

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    1. I will keep in touch, Jim, and thanks for visiting my blog. I understand the sentiment for spreading the word! My purpose of blogging is similar, to spread the word of inner and outer peace in our world, for anyone who travels through.

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          1. oooo have you been reading my comments elsewhere – that just gave me goosebumps – I don’t think i write anything memorable or worth a second read! And that’s why I gave all my apples away – nice to meet you – my name is Gina BTW! Just a few days ago the ipad ate my emails – boohoohoo.

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          2. ok got it – still think you are funny sweet! keep in touch! I have paid a little visit to your blog and will follow your progress. you were an army brat? are you still living the nomadic life?

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