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We Must Recognize✋

The human hand that makes us whole;
Working, writing, cleaning, creating all told.
The hand that signals, electrify the Brain
To pause, grow, think, and act therefrom.

It is this hand that greets all people of the world.
Waves spread cheer, speak when eyes overflow pearls.
Namastey! How do you do? Ni Hao! Asalaam aaleykum!
The hands that farewell limp, strong ones hug, welcome.

The hands that express words and emotion;
In dance, language, snap rhythm, clap with joy.
Baby’s hand clasps a mother’s finger, toddler’s nimble ones explore, tinker.
Grown ones requests another’s in marriage, accepts a ring, Blesses hopeful!

The hands that slap, hit, or hide with shame,
Must we jail, kill, torture in a Country’s name?
Forget not: What you do or not with these two hands-
Fills your memory: unless to ask forgiveness, re-learn skills.

It is the very hand that takes an Oath, respects the Pledge,
On the land one stands on. Love. Knowledge.
Quite useless without the thumb, the opposable one.
The defining one. Make for people above animals.

Use it well! Cheers Human Hand, Human Thumb!
We must recognize: the enterprise of Hand, the amazing thumb!

Recognize 👉🏽 👇🏽  👏  👋 👍 👎 👊 ✊

✋  👐  🙏 🖐 🖖 ✍  ✌🏽️ 👌🏽  🙌🏽



Many amazing people like you and cultures out there! I want to reach out and be friends with 'differences;' the hidden treasure yet unseen- for that is what makes them unique and extraordinary!

23 thoughts on “We Must Recognize✋

  1. oh such a delightful play of words! I love hands – looking and admiring hands tell me about a person and what they have been through. did you know kids learn to use their thumbs last? and I love when we greet others and put our hands out in friendship! you summed it all up beautifully here!

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