Me and My BIG Mouth 2

This story was crafted about seven years ago for children. I’d be thrilled if you read it to your children, nieces, nephews, and tell me their reactions. I can add a quiz if you like. Goal was that by the time they read the story, they’d memorize all the facts involuntarily. Part one was posted as a trial in Oct 2016, one of my two earliest blogs.

Leadership games
As the day got warmer, our playtime came closer. We were rambunctious in the gym. We went into a frenzy of sudden energy. We made a lot of noise and went into the water sparring, head-banging, some even tried their tails at tail-walking competitions. What we loved to do most after that was lollygagging around floating under water and then rest up in a mud-pack. Arrey Mugger*, what a day!
A few years later, we were preparing for the annual Head-Slapping contest. The head-slapper with the loudest pop following the splash as we fall back into the water, was recognized as the strongest crocodile around. It was a very close contest between me and my best friend, Snap. My friends teased me about my show off victory jig as I danced my way into the night swimming with pride and then thrashing my tail side to side like a mad-croc on land. I was happy to see every croc lift their heads out of the water exposing their throats. They had peacefully submitted to my leadership.
Only Flapper was not happy, but then he hardly ever was. He got angry easily. You could tell by the way he shook his ear flaps. There are always those dissenting kinds.

Love of my Life
And then it happened. The envy of all females, Snip, the most beautiful crocodile, came my way. My musk glands were scenting invitations and bubbles were all over my mouth and nostrils. Omigosh! Was this love at first sight! She arched her back and raised her head with the mouth open and I put my best foot forward and rested my head on hers. Then we pushed each other to the water, checking out each others’ strength.
I sent aqua-mail to her and she replied. Her infrasound was like music to my ears. She even knew the torso muscle squeeze…the water bubbled up and bounced off her back.
Flapper was jealous. He challenged me to sparring and head banging for hours before giving up in submission.
Snip was mine. She was proud of me. We circled around each other, bellowing and grunting to acknowledge each other and basked in the sun together.

A dream home
I felt like an Egyptian god and life was a sudden celebration, the hard times always leading to good times, such as finding Snip. More than dreaming of milk and cake mythologies, we talked about the preference to be a visual treat, than someones’ food or a vain accessory.
Since when did humans become part of our food chain? And why do they love our skin more than us; for purses, shoes, wallets, and other vanities. If they must hunt us, then we have to protect our species from humans at any cost. “Let them meet me one on one and without technology. I will show them who’s stronger! First they take away our land, and…”
Snip looked at me … and … If looks could kill, I’d be dead already! She reminded me, “We must have hope. Haven’t we seen good people too, who take care of us … those that come to visit us?”
Yes, we had grown and now wished we could make this world of ours a nice and safe place for all animals and humans, together. With the sun shining warmly on our backs, breeze rustling the leaves on the trees, and water lapping the shores gently; our hopeful hearts beat in unison, dreams spelling harmony.

The End


*Arrey Mugger: Arrey is an exclamation like Oh Man! Mugger is short for Muggarmuch, the Indian equivalent for crocodile.



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