Lovingly unconditionally

They took him with a heavy heart,
To the doctor who suggested no magic can save.
They loved him and explained, why his pain hurt him, and legs drained;
More them; see him struggle in vain…
They knew he was spent and now must go,
The farewell though hard, would relieve him so.
Believed he did, every sentence they end,
The children, he watched grow, his friends.
Eyes locked, loyal love expressed,
“Why the tears today? I still feel loved.”
They apologized to his trusting love,
Inspite of impending sleep, held in a syringe-poked bottle above.
“It’ll be painless, gradual- breathing, slow to sleep,”
At rest soon, he was relaxed, pain-freed.
Love tested them, watching him trust all who live…
Farewell! The gentle giant in ignorance, forgives.

Dedicated to the 12 year old companionship of a German Shepard

Lovingly in memory of LOYALTY.


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