Are You Aware?

Are you aware how it feels to be,
To be changed by another, my Me.
Deliberately, repeatedly, insistently,
“Change. Convert. Try my way!”

The Me we build, nurture like a tree,
Slow and caring, lovingly daring,
To Be the one, you wanna be.
Are you aware, you hurt when you convert?

When someone walks their way, they find,
Not bind. When you say, “Try my way!”
You wrong the Me, I nurtured so long.
Be friends: You right, Me not wronged!

Holding hands, minds together some.
We say selfless lines, but self-love defines-
Our behaviour, our words, and meeting;
Search suggestion opportunity, miss the love fleeting.

Brother! Sister! Husband! Wife!
In religion, culture- cause not strife!
We talk of walking the path not taken,
Then why not, live and let live?!

Live and Let Live! Till change awakens!
Who knows? The right way, still not found-
might just be round the corner, unbound,
Of that unknown Path not taken.

Are you Aware?


8 thoughts on “Are You Aware?

    1. Thanks! The way I see it is that I always listen to anyone who wants to say something about their way, whether it is family or religion. Then courtesy demands, the other must be ready listen to other thoughts after being heard.
      As in, two way communication should be possible.

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