@@@@@@@ A tug of war @@@@@@@

Justice! I submit my blind faith to thee and pray.                                                                                  You must have to struggle and generations did sway-                                                                            ‘twixt the GIVE you must: harsh or lukewarm                                                                             consequence or chance for reform. Debate continuing on.

I’m lucky right here to have crossed path
with the best. I envy Not your equating math,
your position, making decisions pulled by social norms,
own conscience, pleasing All, a difficult task in any form.

Jury, Society, and Powers that be,
Come and go, leaving verdicts tall.
Stamped. Final. On my Slate. To stay. With me.
Non-erasable, a name given. Untimely fall.

Dreaming to leave behind the bars, sunsetting dock,
my struggles, sway with misunderstood shock.
Given a writing chance, shake my morals anew-
between the deprived life, the privileged few.

Self-taught am I, your books edited unknown,
Great thoughts, now alien, now online thrown.
Confusion, rage, emotion overwhelm –
Rehab Justice within the heart’s empathetic realm.

Poet pleads: If Democracy weakens to power play,
Then how must we set examples for bullies that prey.
Gandhi, King, won with powerful non-violence;
winning hearts and minds in National compliance.

Lets propose non-violence in Justice, for hate begets hate.
Why hold onto ancient primate, prefecture, executions to date.
Association with police frequently, indiscriminate offences,
Truly is building immunity to gentle-exchanges, loving nuances.



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