Be Mature now, seriously😉

In all Seriousness, what exactly is maturity?

Lets ‘it da nail on da ‘ead! Maturity is:

1. behaving appropriately in your environment.

2. Manhood.

3. Womanhood.

4.Adulthood. Most people agree it ‘happens’ at age 18, the magic number.

5.A fixed date, on which an insurance policy or investment matures😄

🙏 Ok! 🙏Ok! 😬! I know!

Lets just stick to people talk. And that’s what makes it so uncertain: a policy we know when it matures, but with people, we don’t.

How many of us can pin-point the day we became a matured adult? For simplicity’s sake, I want to limit this discussion to mental or emotional maturity. Physical one is a whole different ballgame, and I get enough giggles in the classroom.

And then, we have those exceptions! Early maturers, late maturers, and NMT’s: Never Mature Types. I believe everyone matures at different times in life. And then some immaturely dive into their graves or fly into their heavens.

When you meet a lot of people, you begin to see patterns: some days we slide along the complete scale of immaturity to all proper behaviours, conforming to the Websters definition of maturity; all in one day.

I wonder if I stand outside Hallmark, a cake or ice-cream shop, or a movie theater today with a clipboard, paper, and pencil, and make a tallymark for every behaviour I see on display there by Beaus and Bo-peeps; what will my data reveal?

Tut! Tut! Not nice😉 I see people drooling already imagining who all is revealing … what all.

Uh, O! This discussion ends right now, quite pre-maturely. I just remembered dear old Einstein in this discussion- for, IF I MAY take the liberty to say that Maturity is understanding the theory of relativity!

Based on the data collected today, stats prove that 18 years olds made many immature choices to flaunt their adulthood today.

Conclusion: Relative is the concept of maturity! Each to their own. ❤️Happy Hallmark





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