Dad! What have you done😂

Recently, I was telling my dad one of his grandkids quotes. You know, those lines that make the family pride index rise hiGH!

I justified my kid for some obscure reason and said (thanked my stars later for doing so… Stay with me😉)

“Papa, you know it’s like:

And he said: “But that’s the opposite, isn’t it? Stars are further away!”

I was stumped and then burst out laughing, once the visual hit me😉😄, as I put my phone down! Yes, the tubelight went flicker, flicker, ON!

I see this poster atleast once everyday. You see, we get used to what is familiar. Then you meet people who agree with you, Noddy, and we move on.

Life changes, when there is dissonance, a cognitive electrocution, that makes you wonder, “What happened?!” Lot of my students go, what just happened with my off-brand humor. But when it happens to you… !

💙Thank you, Papa, for agreeing, and then not agreeing some😘😄

😝Btw: do you see how many different people said the same quote😂



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