Music. Even without sound or embellishments, the word conjures up flash rhythms of songs, makes us skip a beat in sync with a treasured memory, and merrily trace favourite associations.

Music, I believe, began before language, and is in all of us; in our blood, the genes, the DNA, whether we create it or appreciate it. Wonder what inspired the beginners: were they also affected by happy and sad moods, just like ours? Or was it the sounds that surrounded them along with the whistling breezes blowing through the trees, birds (real ones) tweeting their heady love songs, or night tunes in twinkling orchestrating skies?

Music is so simply human, though occasionally, we might hear the woo-ing wolves darkly set in Minuet, their shadowy silhouettes serenading the moon, on those dimlit eerie nights. Humming, folksy, simply classic, or lilting sillies open the mind to the symphony playing in our world; invisible now, inaudible then. I believe music to be as ever-present as time itself. Music is found in Nature; trees, flowers, insects, constellations, planetary movements, universe itself. It accompanies the mundane work of a village belle, a farmer hoe-ing in the fields, the birds and the bees, literally and figuratively; and so it goes.

Music, most magical, going back further than recorded histories, those in-tune mysteries, life’s twisters, hilarities in discoveries, fading saddening memories, and instrumental in learning to produce diversities of sounds, now with a delightful range of equipment.

Why do we turn to music so deliberately, so consciously in modern times? Is it because it takes us to a known, secure, comfortable place like home; where we can be ourselves, in tune with the universe that binds us in its rhythm- jiving not conniving, abiding not ephemeral, applauding not deriding, and celebrating ourselves not calibrating otherselves?

From the sound of music to the sounds of silence, we tap, we tip-toe through so many wavelengths of universal orchestras of oceans of emotions, celebrating love, peace, strained endurance, or joy – that there is at least one song for every beating heart like yours.♥️



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