😇JUICY😋 WittyLeaks!

Juicy Acronyms you didn’t know! 

What do say to people who use acronyms that sound like BAD words? Nothing really, just love, kindness, and empathy. They don’t know what I’m about to reveal:

* BITCH is actually B.I.T.C.H. I’ve never understood why people feel bad when they are called by this endearment. I always thank people because I know it’s a compliment that expands to Beautiful Intelligent Truthful Charming Human-being.

* HATE is actually H.A.T.E. which is Humour Advanced to Trigger Excitement OR Humans Advocate Truth to Evolve! Both of which generate joys immeasurable or high degrees of pride.

*F–K is actually First in United Charmer’s Kindnesses, a compliment deserving gratitude and thanks!

OR, for the longer sound,

First Umbilical Uncut Chord Kit, needing empathy and help, with love sprinkled on the top.

🤑 Priceless, wouldn’t you say?! Please know it’s not worth getting lost in translation. Simply use your smile as a GPS to stabilize Center of Gravity in shaky moments, if any.




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