📜Translate Unbiased✍

One realization that surprised me off and on is about religious texts of our World. All the different religious texts were written after the great influential religious leader had passed.

The question is how much was lost through the word-of-mouth-generations? How many narrator biases crept in?

From the first original writing, how much was lost in translation, over several generations?

Were personal biases and preferences influencing the writings of such writers?

Drawing a parallel from our own lives, when you are deep in your writing, can you keep your biases out of your effort; whether it be fiction, non-fiction, or translations?



4 thoughts on “📜Translate Unbiased✍

  1. This is a good question. We often wonder what the original texts were. So many kinds of literature, music, arts were not noticed until the authors or composers passed away, we can’t ask any questions for clarification!

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    1. Good thoughts there. Don’t you think our ideas about old texts must change with time, keeping in mind, that we have to change within our one lifetime?
      Maybe we must accept or discount our interpretation of old texts which have definitely undergone several translations in hundreds of lifetimes.

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        1. Thanks Miriam. Thats a wonderful thought! The search for and understanding of the best, is exactly what eggs us forward in our learning. We are indeed lucky to have a choice in doing this in the current century.


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