💓In a secret hideout🙏

Sitting inside us, in a secret Hideout, lives a part of us, an amazing part that connects us to our Universe. And then, there’s our brain with special faculties and our spirit. Known faculties being memory, imagination, intuition, reason, will, and my favourite, perception.

Universe, nature, and earth are words we all relate with at some knowledge level or the other; irrespective of our highs and lows, our moods and trials, or even our successes and failures. It brings us peace soon as we tune-IN, inwards. I believe this special part is in everyone, irrespective of culture or religion.

Every culture has a greeting to say when two people meet or cross paths. Usually they are friendly gestures or words, and some cultures focus on respect. As a greeting in India, you’ll hear the word ‘Namastey’ used very casually several times a day, seemingly nothing beyond a Hi or a Hello.

At the same time, not a heavily spiritual, yogic, whispery exchange; full of profound meaning in every utterance. It is more an attitude that goes with the word and accompanies the way of living and which, to a conscious person, allows them to see something special in each person, beyond face value.

Putting the word, ‘Namastey’ in focus, today, I want to clarify three things about the salutary gesture/ greeting:
1. Comes from respect, not submission.
2. Respects the special part of the universe inside all of us, not necessarily divinity.
3. From one human to another, a sincere salutation to honor the others’ mental faculties beyond the self, which separate humans from animals, to that extent, loaded with humility.

I love the fact that the greeting has earned a lot of regard as cultural exchanges grow. For many, there are some grey areas and it is important for me to clarify that it has a much bigger meaning than the commonly misunderstood one of ” … respecting human soul, part of God.” Since both these terms, soul and divinity, are diversely understood, defined; it can only cause confusion, and unfortunately, conflict.

I personally look for one good thing in every person or interaction (or blog😉) and see what I can learn from an exchange. Approaching another human from a clean slate, one might say.


💓Love and good vibes for all


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