Ethnic Sparring: None Spared!

References to origins, Ethnic slur-ries,
Boxed-in names, make fussy flurries-
Playing rude with sentiments-
“Go back to your country” men.

Defining crossings, Bordering mountains,
Rivers curving around plains-
Keeping out fences, Walls, and Patrols,
Names that sting, make blood curl.

ABCD, Abie, Abbo, Ali baba, Abeed;
Beaney, Bosch, Bog, Brownie, Buddhahead;
Cabbage eater, Camel jockey, Canuck, Charlie, Chi-Chi, Cheesehead;
Naming Every Letter, Every Culture, Every Continent.

What an amazing education?
Celebrations! Jubilations!
Multiple words for the childish ABC’s;
Now grown-ups have it in the best of Democracies!

🙏Rise Above Name Calling🙏



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