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Brain Less Babble

I put my hand inside the velvety bag for the next letter. Jiggling the letters, I tried to find a Q, since I needed 60 points or more to win the game. All I had left was an ‘i and u’. There was ‘z’ dying to be used towards the triple word score.

I said my favourite mantra, tried to finger-read by tracing the letter on the tiles, and jiggle-jaggled some more. “Q, Q, Q, come to me-
Join u, i, z to quiz with Di,” I sang to those elusive tiles.
My opponent started the count down for me to pull out my hand: “5. 4. 3. 2. 1!”
I pulled out my hand fast as if a cobra had bit me in there. And peeking inside my fistful of hopes, with my heart beating 200 mph, I jumped and yelled out loud, ” YES! I Won!!!” For the satisfaction of the other Scrabbler, I jiggled back down and placed the letters happily, teasingly, one by one and celebrated, “Triple Word SCORE!”




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