Off-Center is veri Gooth!

Life would be so boring if everyone was centered, plugging along a steady rate, doing everything right, defined right by people who thought they were right thousands of years ago, and who learned before others, how to write. When people are off-center, it creates Art! Perspectives! Leadership! Challenges! Inventions! Yoohoo;)

So what does this mean to educated people? Can we teach this to our kids? These in my view, are the non-teachable concepts. That’s what the less able have to do: learn through encouragement, rewards, and mimicry. As long as I was dealing with my weak phase in life, (usually everyone has one, and if you didn’t, you are probably way too perfect) and I was leaning on friends, whining, frustrated, asking for help, nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong, support matters; sympathy doesn’t, mockery doesn’t either. The only good that came out it was … after they stopped and I hit rock bottom. In a new family. In a new culture. THANK YOU! You can stimulate the mind by doing the following: put posters, put it in books, force it, pay kids, put them in gifted classes, and allow being off-center- but all such permissive trends plateau at some point.

All because it didn’t come from within you. You being you, yourself. Through diverse/adverse experiences. In time.



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