(b)Raving Fortune!


1. Fortune favours the Brave,

    Even if they do not shave.

    Thinkinkadia (multicultural, gender)

2. When I open my next fortune cookie, I would like to see:

“New Earth Law  necessitates women leaders who will run their country like a home: there will be discipline, creativity, problem-solving, consideration for all, food for all, peace, and love.”

What would like to see in your fortune cookie?


Stress: our Mirror

  1. We can do research, write books, do courses, get degrees, but they are quite meaningless in face of stress; we humans fall prey to our own perceptions, colored by our own prejudices, and react from own fears, using zero logic.

Is that when we begin to draw borders, build walls- under duress?
Underestimating what we will do to OUR OWN / species under stress?

P.S. Go for a drive during rush hour with your future life, business, or political partner before you sign up.



i’m just an ordinary person in a village,

simple, hardworking,

feeding my family, nurturing the earth

and the living beings on it.

i’m just an ordinary person in a suburb,

balancing the best of both,

feeding, nurturing, easing, exploring,

for self, family, neighbour.

i’m just an ordinary person in a city,

wanting the best of both,

hunting, gathering, exploring, driving

for me and my family.

i’m just an ordinary person in a metroplex,

loving the hype, glamorous life,

getting the best, wanting the rest, searching

formulas, sanity, membership.

i’m just an ordinary person with a passion,

just trying a little extra-

going the extra mile, for me, him, her, and you,

being with the ordinary.

life and i both are ordinary,

multidimensional ordinary;

in a village, suburb, city, or metroplex,

what i get used to, is my ordinary.


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the social stigma

Written by someone who considers himself fortunately Human on mylocalweb. Appreciation for every nuance of a woman, and then what happens … Find out what blossoms in his writing junkyard. Effectively so!


the Sun seasonly changes it timing to rise

the rooster misses its early morning shout

but she never ever misses to get up early

and start her routine without any doubt

her children are totally reliant on her

her parents, her in laws, her out laws

her husband is fully dependent on her

for each and every chores in the house

still being the most sought out person

she is often inadvertently ignored by all

the value of being available all the time

being omnipresent and accessible on call

beautifully doing justice to all her roles

satisfying subconscious needs of everyone

making the planet beautiful with her sheer presence

and carrying on her shoulders the entire burden

will she ever get due acceptance in this society

in her circle of concern with her personality

or will she always be used like tissue paper

to clean the dirt from the people’s character

and throw thereafter…

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🗝The Key. Acceptance.

Once I looked up to the other side:

title from famed institutions

the grass, greener,

the truth, truer

the cool, cooler

the pretty, prettier

the useful, more useful

I believed to be, on the other side.

One day, lucky I went to the other side:

seeking knowledge, hello Halo!

The grass still greener

The truth still truer

The cool still cool

The pretty much prettier

The useful indeed very much so

I was confirmed to me, on the other side.

Time and again, I looked to both the sides,

not finding knowledgeable in institutions.

Only how to’s: make grass greener

make the truth, truer

make the cool, cooler

make the pretty, prettier

marketing the useful, as necessity

I was surprised by the how to’s and makings of the side.

Then I looked to the inside, the me who saw all the seeing,

Halo-free, acceptance of life as it’s meant to be.

grass, truth, cool, pretty, useful-

How-to free, Make-ing free

just sitting around

as they are meant to be,

changing only with seasons and perceptions,

I am with the key, acceptance of life’s essence, common to all I see.