About Me.2

About time to say something about me.

Growing up as an Army brat in India, and having lived in atleast half the States, and vacationed in others 1970s-1990s), I have learned the advantages of travel and intentionally looked for diversity. Though unconsciously at first, and then consciously staying away from becoming a member of “birds of a feather, flock together club.”

Diversity challenges fitting-in on a daily basis, and that is what makes it awesome for me!  In my view, this is exactly the challenge one has to take on, to keep thinking about different perspectives and social issues in life.

Though I am quite addicted to the the teaching profession and WordPressers, I keep pushing myself in new areas, without professional training on how to’s – just to stay in the unknown and keep learning. If you really ask me, writing / blogging is increasingly where the comfort zone lies, because here I find, many more people like me.

I have a degree in psychology but never finished a Ph.D, just helped couple other people get theirs😄Some un-interesting attitudes demotivated me, from two people I met in academia, one Indian male, one American male. Good for me, because one learns that one isn’t better than the other. People just do what is good for them, at any age, in any culture.

I realized, that life teaches everything anyway, so why pay pricey colleges, unethical professors, and give unnecessary exams. I changed over to the belief that if I keep pushing myself in learning one new skill/ perspective everyday, then I have done well that day.

Connecting the dots in almost half a century of living, I feel a picture coming together and no experience wasted.  My goal is to create better understanding between people of differences. And, I need your help to make peace possible in this world, as we grow closer together in our style of living, and further apart in our tolerance levels in our races at various levels, for supremacy.

Researching on the visually handicapped,  and later on terrorism, sales, teaching k-12, and learning on the job, marriage, motherhood, divorce, in laws and outlaws, patriarchy and modernity clash of conveniences, travel with family, travel alone (without cellphone till 2000 and beyond) are some of my experiences that make me who I am.

If you have any questions for me, please ask below. I will answer to best extent possible through my writing endeavours. I will update this post, as and when I find important dots, that challenged security and shook up insecurities; that are typically, been dusted away, forgotten, or faded with time.