🗣Death to Labels☠️ Stereotypes😉

“My heart beat quickens in anticipation of a possibility that every person who calls themselves a minority, might today be convinced that they are not.” Thinkinkadia

This word, minority has been a rage for the last few months. If you break it up it reads: Mine-Or-Itty•Bitty. If you translate it from Thinkinkadia english to regular english, it reads “Either it’s Mine and thus important, OR it is IttyBitty, thus insignificant.”

Who does this word, Minority, refer to?

Tribals. Natives. Children. Women. Farmers. Immigrants. Small community. Ugly. Pretty. Tall. Short. Leaders. Movie stars. Writers. Under-writers. Artists. A race of people. Car-racers. Soldier. Doctor. Group of 10. Group of 1,00,000. People with non-mainstream preferences. People with common sense. Disabled. Presstitutes or Prostitutes. People speaking a different language. A religious group. Housewives. House-husbands. Teen professors. Inventors. Explorers. Weapon users. Fork users. Tailors. Rich. Literate. And so on.

I can only give my example to illustrate the point. Apparently, every person I’ve ever met, and trust me I meet on an average, a hundred a day, can be put in a box, or several boxes. Personally I face several stereotypes a day: woman, indian, must be good with kids, must be good at cooking, helpful (read: must be interested in the man), strict in class (read: must be abused), simple (read: dumb, she knows nothing), single woman (she’s telling …), and giving her phone number (Ooooo! she’s … ).

You know what happens when you try to put Jack or Jill in a box? They sprinnnng back up. Well, at this age, springy is not this-self, but I refuse to accept a single box. I’m greedy, I want lots of boxes. Thanks to many stereo’s, I have begun to see myself as a honeycomb. Lots of compartments, sweet results, and potential to bite if provoked to the extreme.😉

You see, it’s lovely what people reveal about themselves when they judge you and try to put you down into a box. What they often miss seeing is how the receiver processed the information after you finish.



Danced her way out of your space.


In my view what has happened is that in modern educated world, people not familiar with humility or simplicity, see: humility as a sign of weakness, silence as a sign of ignorance, not reacting to their mockery as so dumb. If you have a low profile day, without energy boosters and caffeine, and your vulnerability is visible plain as day, the listener points a finger delicately, as to say got that about you, the real you has been spotted by me!

Decode or ask me what I think and you will find that I’d rather ask questions to get to know your position better. I believe it’s called tolerance, empathy, acceptance of your opinion, and again, humility. I’ve done enough reacting, judging, knowing, etc. in my youth, and now I can connect with people’s phases, choices, ask questions to clarify, or choose not to take things as personal. Only difference is that I see it as a strength.

To get back to the opening line: If everyone can be defined with specific vocabulary to put in a box, then who all constitute Mainstream population?

My conclusion: The word itself is a hoax.



14 thoughts on “🗣Death to Labels☠️ Stereotypes😉

  1. Thank you for leading me to this post of yours. It was very “Thinkful” indeed. Well written with a lot of heart and soul for good measure. For me, the quote at the beginning of the article was the icing on the proverbial cake. In a perfect world, this idealism would take shape as the mainstream widely accepted behavior. (See what I did there…) lol.

    Unfortunately, we are headed in the wrong direction. The youth of this current generation is holding strong to the idea that labels define a person more than they ever have in history. Everything and everyone has to be broken down into precise boxes as if presents under a tree tied with perfect little bows on top. Lord forbid we call them by anything other than the label they choose for themselves.

    Thank you for such a wonderful article. Goes in there with Great Reads!

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  2. My reactions: 1) to Death to Labels – Yayyy..claps! wait, did it die from the birth of (realized)unity? Then claps continue…
    2) to Either it’s Mine Or it is Itty Bitty – Haha:p Terrifying fact.
    3) to My conclusion: the word itself is a hoax. – Hahahaha… it’s a positive ha ha ha

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      1. The more citizens of this universe wish the more the wish is realized. The more the leaders of this universe wish it the more the wish is realized. The more the humans of all sorts and levels wish it but not believe in it the more it remains a fairy tale-ish wish. So the faith is the Soul to the realized Wish:) The choice is ours 🙂

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  3. Very interesting post.
    A hoax? Much of life is/was a hoax, making that quite a conclusional fit indeed.
    I appreciate your vocabulary. I tend to have a renagain vocab. 😀
    Thank you for this great sharing. I feel it was very well written (from the heart) and it is quite powerful.

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